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Inquisitor Avensoth von Validus - Character Inquest Reply

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File:Emblem of the First Galactic Empire.svg - Wikimedia Commons


# ... Entering alias

# ... Alias accepted

# ... Enter secret

# ... Secret enabled

# ... Access granted to database




Full Name: 

Avensoth von Validus


Known Alias’/Nicknames: 

Avensoth, “Validus”

Previous Occupation:
Eldest of Senator <Data Expunged> Children

Current Occupation:
Inquisitorius, Shadow <Data Expunged>

Known Languages:
Galactic Basic Standard, Binary, Mando'a, High Galactic, Sith Runes


Fine arts, Cooking, Murder, Find ways to expand his power


 Chaotic True



Mental State:

High Functional Insanity

Mental Disabilities:

High Functionining Borderline Personality Disorder

Likes (optional):

Cooking, Smiling, Invading people's personal Space, The “picture show”, Liquor, People failing, Electro Swing, Dark Coffee, Post-modern Juke-box, Theater, Singing, Dad Jokes, Any time the stock market crashes, Venison

Dislikes (optional):

Being interrupted, Being denied a kill, Morallity, Being Touched, Frowning.



Physical State:







Slim, tall, lanky,





Other notes Written by <Unknwon>:

Avensoth deviates from the nature of the dark side users in that he is always smiling and acting politely, he never stops smiling because he believes it showers power and dominance, If a rival where to from, he would see them as week

Avensoth is a narcissist, not seeing many people as people if they don't compare to his level, however this does not make him reckless. Despite his powers in the force he is fully aware that there are others that rival him both within and without. For this reason he will take a back foot observing targets first and gauging their power, and being careful around those he cannot guarantee best. This probably comes from his small time with his senator of a father.

Avensoth tends to help when asked, only for his own amusement rather than any form of idealism or interpersonal relationship. He hates the concept of cheering on others, but will just to see them fail as there is no better show than the harsh reality of watching someone fail.

Avensoth, dispite not being an assassin has shown much interest and seems to have either conviced or manipulated the leader of shadow into being assigned to them. or maybe there is something larger at play I can <this note seems to end without finishing>


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