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Jedi Lore-Keepers Archive Report Template

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<Access Request received>
<Verifying Credentials>
Retrieving Data>

Jedi Archives Notable Artifact Summary Report

Contributors: Knight A, Master B, Padawan C.

                                                            Artifact Title: Example Title.

                                                            Artifact Description: A brief physical description of the artifact. Highlight any distinctive features that may separate it from others of its type. Eg, a holocron with distinct
                                                            markings or colouring.

                                                            Artifact Classification: Colour accordingly. If you are unfamiliar with how the classification system works, refer to this document.

                                                            Artifact Location: Example Location.

                                                             Discovery: Give a brief description on how the item was discovered. List original owner if possible.  Note if any extraordinary events occurred, (casualties, etc.) during

                                                              Effects/Operation: What does the Artifact do? In a physical or force-based sense. For example, if it influences the behaviour of an individual, how does that effect trigger?
                                                              How does it influence their behaviour? What are measures that can be used to counteract the item? Provide most detail here.                                                                     

Supplementary Documentation:
  Example Item 1: Image of Artifact
Example Item 2: Related Military Report


<Return Request received>
<Re-Encrypting Report>
<Returning User to Archive Main Page



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