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Russia Unban

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Your In-game Name:  Russia

Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198438137193

Your Steam ID (Find it here)  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198438137193


Who banned you? Pab? Not sure

Length of the ban? Perma

Reason of the ban? MRDM 

Why should we unban you? At the time there was a monster out brake thing i other laats were doing the same were we just opening fire ect like Snickers was also firing rockets and a rsc pilot and everything so i also belive that Head Staff Pab Also Accused Me Of Lying In Several Sits when i forgot a a singel part and Yea Also i would like to come back to gateway cuz i have no life tbh and im sorry lol :() and im bored to


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This ban appeal honestly doesn't seem genuine, at the time of the event that Buck and I were hosting, yes there was an outbreak section with a monster but you took an LAAT began flying it and missed the monster completely and killed multiple people with the rockets. Pab was not the person to ban you it was actually Chunky (Thorn In-Game), you also weirdly instantly left straight after you killed everyone which made staff seem like you left to avoid punishment. I'd advise you put some more effort into the appeal instead of putting stuff like "Yea Also i would like to come back to gateway cuz i have no life tbh and im sorry lol :() and im bored to." Put more effort into the appeal Russia and show that you want to come back to the server.

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As the person running that beast mini event, it was clear that you killed at least 10 or more players with your LAAT missile barrages. You can make the excuse that it was a big hostile threat that you're trying to take down however the fact is that I have clearly stated to only shoot me with the LAAT Laser (both through !csay and !orders), you killed people with the first 2 missile barrages which killed 2-3 people which yes will be understandable. However you continued to keep shooting missiles despite the fact you were team killing people and lastly as your character (2LT Horn Company) you weren't even in the priority list of being allowed to fly a ship, let alone a Gunship equipped with missiles.

Like Gecko said, the fact that you also disconnected nearly immediately after being told off just escalated the situation worse to the point where it was hard to give the benefit of the doubt. Which in fact, myself and other staff members were willing to do so. However with all the evidence against you, its pretty clear that while you might not have intentions to kill players, you did so through an accident and then continued to kill even more players with continuous missile barrages.

Another contributing factor to your ban was your past history with other players. It was only 2-3 days apart where there was another incident where you were left off without a warn for literally abusing slots (context: you switched slots from a PFC clone to your 2nd LT to power play a 501st member in roleplay) and after watching the staff sit, it was clear that you had clear intentions to break the rules and wanted to show off your rank. I can go on and on with other past instances, but it remains the fact that you've been given too many chances in the past and staff are putting their foot down on what you've done this time around.

Staff have been lenient with you for far too long, and its quite evident you need a break from the server. Take the time to reflect and understand what you did was wrong before making an appeal. Especially a unban appeal where you just say "oh im bored :() so i want unban." Next time you wish to make an unban appeal, ensure you place some proper effort into proofreading, understanding the situation and perspective staff and players have and showcase a proper apology and remorse over your actions. If that can be done, I will discuss with staff whether to give you another chance. 


Unban Appeal Denied
You may Reapply in 1 Month


Any staff or player that wishes to comment or provide feedback on the situation must directly message myself or a senior staff to unlock the thread for further commenting. Please avoid any comments or feedback that have already been said and keep it relevant to the topic.


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