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Art #1


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Hi all, just thought I would contribute to the forums a little. This piece took me 4-5 hours to fully create, render and edit.


'Scout troopers, light armoured and far more mobile than regular stormtrooper units, were usually assigned to planetary garrisons where they patrolled perimeters, performed
reconnaissance missions and identified enemy positions. As scouts, their mission profile often positioned them far from Imperial resupply. As a result, the scout troopers received
special training in order to become efficient survivalists who were equipped with an array of equipment and supplies to aid in their military role.'
- Wookieepedia

The image above depicts my scout trooper character, 'Shale', sitting up on a rock looking down at an encampment during the night.


If you have any suggestions or ideas for a new piece or this piece, then feel free to comment.

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2 hours ago, Bobby-1 said:

That is a solid piece of work tags, could you possibly make one for RSB 😄

This may be tough to hear for you, but I try to stick to the Imperial stuff because everything fits in the same style. A CGI officer won't sit well in a primarily realistic environment. These are dark times 😔

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