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Mord - IMP: PAC3 Application

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  • Current in-game alias:

    Minister Chef Fikri
  • List your current playtime:

    5days and 7hours
  • Are you a donator?

  • Have you used PAC3 before?

  • Why do you want access to PAC3?

    Recently moving into Regional Government, there are many RP avenues that I would like to pursue. The changes that I made were smaller immersion adding things, rather than overhauling my entire character based around Pac. I do not want to over complicate things by explaining every single Pac that I plan to make, but I want to add things that will give that little extra RP to myself and the people around me.
  • How is PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server?

    I personally understand that Pac is not only a tool to make yourself stand out, but it is to help incorporate in game actions into RP. Being able to execute different Pacs for different scenarios will help the people that I RP with visualize and understand what each action is supposed to look like. Being in a "suit" regiment, the RP possibilities are essentially endless, and with the lack of front-line ability, RP using Pac will enhance my experience beyond measure. Having Pac3 on Imperial will also help me further my skills, as it is a fantastic down-time activity, and there are many great Pac legends on gateway that may be willing to share their knowledge.
  • PAC3 Example #1: A simple mug pac, to accomodate my tea-making rp in the GOV HQ.

  • PAC3 Example #2: My ID is a bit boring currently. I added it to a droid, and projected it ahead of me.

  • PAC3 Example #3: Transport trailer -  I made this during my time as an Engineer. While it is less relevant now, Government may still find a use.

  • PAC3 Example #4: A simple comms pac, with the included Grand Moff Hologram.

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