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Clone Wars RP - New Base Custom Models

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Hello everyone,

With the new clone base almost complete, we've set up a google form that will allow everyone that currently has commissioned a custom model for the Clone Wars server to get it remade for free. Myself, @Aussiand @Buddswill be contacting everyone that completes the form to discuss remaking the model. As we are getting a new model base we will also be introducing some more concrete rules regarding what is allowed for a custom model. These are:


1: Models should not contain decals that would not be seen on a random clone, whether the logos be within the star wars universe or outside the Star Wars universe (ie jaig eyes, mcdonalds, black sun, adidas).

2: All custom models should maintain a majority of the base texture (model cannot be a majority of your regimental paint colour). Exceptions will apply for regiments and sub regiments that differ significantly (shadow, 41st).

3: Any colours outside that of the regiment that are used should be exclusively for small decals.

4: All custom models should maintain a similar look and feel to that of the regiment and the Clone Wars tv show. An example would the lore characters within that regiment.

5: Any additional bodygroups/base edits must be commissioned through GG developers and must be lore friendly.


At this stage we will not be allowing custom models to be remade on the new base by a non GG developer. This is to maintain some consistency. We will continue monitoring the form until the 1st of October after which you will need to commission models as per normal. If you have any questions regarding the new rules feel free to ask them in this thread or when a developer contacts you for the custom model remake.


Google Form Link

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19 hours ago, Aldis said:

If this means the Boulder CO Model goes bye bye Ima riot, thats literally the sickest armour on the server

Well I'm sure it would be really easy to make a sick design again, just have to be creative 🙂

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