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The Zorelian Gear - Clone Wars Campaign

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            Zorelian Gear - Campaign

   Campaign Backstory

The Zorelian Gear, Owed by Field Marshal James Alcarnack, is an Organization in plans to end all war and making the galaxy a safe place, but at any cost. The Zorelian Gear is supported and funded by Senator Aak, Ask, the Senator of Melastare, the Zorelian Gear has done critical damage to the Republic, One of them being destroying a Venator with a garrison of troopers, committing multiple war crimes and taking over planets against there will. Taskforce Gateway will be Deployed to Melastare, where we will attempt to capture Senator Aak Ask and Field Marshal J. Alcarnack, and take over the Zorelian compound bringing an end to the Zorelians.

Date: 18th September (Saturday)
Time: 1:30 -  9:30 AEST 
NOTES: This Campaign will be hosted on the Main Server and have Event Operations on the Event Server

Credits: @Gecko@Pluto@Florida@Pab@SOUL@Buck :)
Campaign Discord: https://discord.gg/gJTCZK22

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