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Unban Appeal

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Your In-game Name: Nuvalin // DT-KR-07

Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nuvalin/

Your Steam ID (Find it here) 76561198879606695


Who banned you? Vader

Length of the ban? 4 days

Reason of the ban? Player/Staff Disrespect

Why should we unban you

First and foremost, I apolgoise for calling kenobi a fuckwit and the 501st a wanker, I was out of line. But look, I had to sit through a 50 minute cadet training, I asked for a new trainer twice, I was denied three times, the 501st could've trained me, he didn't need to be oogling over the shock, how do I know this? A new person joined, instead of calling for a new trainer he went to see if they needed training, there were 3 trainers in that room. Obi-Wan-Kenobi, the Shock and the 501st, either of them could've trained me but said no, other trainers came in throughout, I asked to be swapped then as well with one of them, I was denied. I was stuck with a person who'd never trained in their life before and was quite frankly, incompetent as all hell, and someone who'd never played garrysmod before as the other person the shock was training. A training that normally takes 10 minutes took 50, I'd already been trained once on the server but got told to get retrained cause I had the "broken whitelist" this entire situation could've been avoided if I had just had my trainer swapped like I asked, and it wasn't due to lack of trainers, as when I went into OOC (bad choice on my part) I had several people offer to train me.

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So from the whole scenario I've gathered from here, you seem to have been getting trained but asked for a new one, now I do understand the frustration of wanting to get into the CT slot quick however, the way you went around it was wrong, you broke rule number 10 and constantly were being disrespectful, this then led to the trainer most likely getting frustrated as you were constantly disrespecting him and staff members of the Clone Wars staff team, I'm happy to reduce the punishment to a 1 day ban however that is as far as I go, do not forget all though you were on the Clone Wars server, we are one community and harassment and bullying is taken quiet seriously. 

Changed to 2 day ban due to executive staff.


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While the decision for your unban is up to the imperial staff/management, Id like to just comment that a 4 day ban is justified for the actions that you did on the CW Server and Discord Channels on the GG Discord.

Not exactly sure what reason you have for hating the CW community, but whatever that reason is; keep it to yourself and dont pull it out on others (both ingame and out of the server). Yes you may have had a bad experience with the training but its no excuse to take it out on others (next time just be patient and a little respect goes a long way). There are multiple accounts of witnesses and evidence in the GG Discord of you just trash talking the CW community simultaneously while doing your cadet training. Maybe if you focused on the cadet training instead of trash talking on a public discord; it wouldve been over much quicker.


Also the attitude you have towards staff members and CW community members is unacceptable; the people I have talked to have proof of you just being a toxic player while going through the cadet training and just shouting in ooc:

5260 Nuvalin : /ooc first training for them, dont expect them to be the quickest, the 501st was just a wanker
5260 Nuvalin : if you're gonna get a trainer make it someones who isnt slow as fuck
5260 Nuvalin : fucking do what you want, hes a wanker
5260 Nuvalin: vibe, are you a girl or a 12 year old boy

5260 Nuvalin  : /ooc kenobis just a fuckwit, been sitting in the same cadet training for 40m

Ill allow imperial management to take the situation forward.

Edit: While writing this, it seems that you are still being toxic towards CW RP Staff members through their DMs. 


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