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Jaguar Battalion - ACT 1
A Clone Wars Campaign Reboot


Campaign Backstory:

With the spread of the Clone Army throughout the galaxy, one clone battalion, the 85th Jaguar Battalion and their leader 'General Jaguar' have made significant progress in pushing back the CIS in the Outer Rim. However with a distress comms being made 2 rotations ago. General Jaguar requests for the help of Task Force Gateway in defending Fort Jaguar from the incoming CIS Attack.


 DATE : 6th August (Friday)
TIME : 4:30pm - 8:30pm AEST 


NOTES: This is a complete Reboot of the Directorate timeline, and will have a slightly altered story arc from the previous campaign.

Credits: @Gecko @Pluto @Ratinson 
Campaign Discord: https://discord.gg/GMTC3SSKg5


sorry yoho for stealing ur faction :~)

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12 minutes ago, Pluto said:

bout forkin time.. now we just need jem gang to unite and everything will be in place..



How Dare You Stand Where He Stood | Know Your Meme

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