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Project Dark Odin Log 1

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# ... Entering alias Soviet

# ... Accessing Republic Navy Files....

# ...Code Access : 1512


#... Top Secret Initiated 

# ... Access granted to Naval Database

Dark Odin Log 1
Project Dark Odin Test Has Been Well The Prototype Of  The [REDACTED] Has Been Successfully Integrated Into Testing Objectives All Integrations Test Have Been Successful. [REDACTED] Containers Are Needing Higher Container Procedures Due To High Energy Readings And [REDACTED] Readings Are Increasing During Containment.

A [REDACTED] Team Has Taken Files From Navy Headquarters At Coursant But Security Forces Stopped Him And Secured The Files The Data Taken Was From Project Dark Odin And Project Electro Security Protocols Are Being Raised Due To The Recent Breach Of Security.


Senior Crewman Soviet"More Security Is need people must know of what we are doing."
[REDACTED] "Yes Sir Security For Your Project Will Be Increased"

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