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Hazzi - CW: Trial Moderator Application

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  • Clone Wars Moderator Application Template



    Player information:


    Current in-game alias and or ranks:

    Senior General Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Order  // SGT Hazzi - UA

    Previous notable Names/Ranks/Positions:

    Senior General Hazzi - Jedi Order // Colonel Hotdog - 187th Legion // RC H-4545 ‘Tasks’ - Hope Squad





    Steam profile Link:


    Discord ID (Not compulsory)


    List your current playtime (in hours) on our Clone Wars RP servers (Main and Event server):

    1050+ Hours

    What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age):


    Do you have any active warnings? (Confirm with a staff member if unsure):




    TeamSpeak is an essential platform used by all staff members to communicate to each other and the community. A majority of your presence (including activity) will be determined by your availability on TeamSpeak. 

    Do you have it installed?

    Yes, I actively use the gateway teamspeak

    What made you decide to join the staff team? What are your intentions with the staffing role and it's in-game abilities and power?

     I’ve decided to put in an application to join the staff team as I believe it's the next step I can take to further assist players within the community. Additionally I have been around the gateway community for around half a year now and I’ve found that I really enjoy helping players wherever and however possible. I intend to use the role to assist in helping the community via many new ways ranging from handling many different types of tickets to simply constantly helping people who get stuck in walls, spawns or other players.

    In a minimum of 50 words, express if and / or how you enjoy helping others? Also include how this will transfer into the staffing role if achieved.

    Assisting and helping others is something that I love doing and something that I constantly strive to do, regardless of the situation if someone needs help I always enjoy lending a hand. Throughout my time in Jedi I’ve strived to always assist other players in any way possible, these things have ranged from running constant classes for the learning padawans all the way to doing whatever I can to assist in council. As a staff member, I would love to constantly apply this same attitude towards all the new possible opportunities and situations where I can assist other players and the staff team.

    In a minimum of 50 words, if given a trial phase, how will you impact the community and what benefits will you bring to the staff team?

    If given the opportunity to go through a trial phase I would strive to have a positive impact on the community by constantly having a positive and eager attitude towards the staff team, the server and its moderation whilst constantly aiming to learn new things and improve on other things. Within doing this I would continue to uphold my good activity which would allow me to assist the rest of the staff team by aiding players during times when fewer staff are available or the majority of the staff are busy ( such as late at night or earlier into the day ). Additionally, I love learning new skills and getting better at things, during my time within the trial phase I would use this to my advantage to ensure that I use the time as well as possible and gather as much practice, feedback and knowledge so that if I do make it past the trial phase I would be well prepared and able to become a friendly staff member with a strong understanding of the staff team and how it works.



    Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to a given standard? This standard is varied, although a minimum of 20 hours per week is strongly advised. Do you understand that your application’s comments from other staff members are encouraged to be directed as harsh constructive criticism only and should never be intended to insult or discourage?

    Yes, I understand



    Disclaimer - Be advised, extremely low effort answers for the following questions will result in your application to be either put on hold until a better standard is reached, or outwrite deleted. Please refer to previously accepted applications (Resolved Application Link) or ask a current staff member to then influence your own unique response. (Any forged responses will result in a denied application)


    A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?

    I would begin by using the !goto [user] command to go to the player that made the report and or ticket and ask him to calmly explain his side of the story and ask exactly what happened. After hearing him out I would use !administrate to move myself into a quiet area ( such as a sit room or a non-accessible area ) away from any RP or other players to avoid interrupting any ongoing roleplay. I would then move the user that has been reported to me using !bring [user]and freeze him so he is unable to run away or attempt to shoot me during the sit. I would begin the conversation by explaining to the player why I have brought them here and ask the player for their side of the story. Whilst hearing the user out I would use !logs to confirm that the user has actually been RDM’ing other players. I would then finish this sit by explaining to the user that he will be warned for RDM ( plus verbal abuse if deemed necessary )before using the  !warn [user] [RDM ] and !return [user] commands to warn the player in game as return the player to their previous position in game. After returning the user I would !administrate and follow the user around for awhile to observe his actions after the sit and to ensure he doesn't repeat his actions and continue to RDM.



    A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do?

     In this situation I would begin by kindly asking the user to calm down and relax, assuming he does not do this I would !bring [user] to a quiet place far away from any RP and !gag [user] whilst I wait for the player to calm down. Whilst waiting for the player to calm down I would use admin chat to request that another staff member assists me by overseeing the situation.

    From here the sit could really go two different ways 

    Outcome 1: The user agrees and begins to calm down so I can proceed to !ungag [user] and have a civilized discussion about the punishment whilst getting the additional staff members opinion about the situation and punishment. I would then ask the user if he has any evidence to dispute his warn and proceed to view the evidence if there is any. After all of this I would gather the additional staff members opinion on whether the warn was justified or not and explain the outcome to the player before hearing his final opinion and using the !return [user] command to return the user to his previous location so he can continue his RP. ( If the displayed evidence was significant enough the prove the warn was false I would apologize for being incorrect and ensure that the warning is removed )

    Outcome 2: If the user continues to verbally abuse me I would once again ask him to calm down before giving him a final verbal warning to calm down and stop the verbal abuse. If the player refuses to listen to this I would then !warn [user] Staff disrespect / Verbal abuse and !return [user] to return the user and allow them to cool down


    A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do?

    I’d instantly contact a senior staff member via admin chat or teamspeak and inform them of the situation, I would then quickly proceed to !bring [user] to a quiet location away from the players and explain that a DDos threat is an extremely serious threat that isn’t taken lightly.

     I would then proceed to  !ban [user] 0 [DDos Threats / Appeal on the forums]


    A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do?

    I’d start by quickly sending both the Commander and the Lieutenant a private message asking them to calm down and remind them both that it’s rather disrespectful to speak at a debrief whilst someone is trying to run a debrief. If both the Commander and the Lieutenant continue to argue and speak I would !administrate to swiftly transport myself to a secluded part of the map and !bring both the users to that location. After both of the players have arrived I would ask them to remain quiet whilst I remind them that they are setting a poor example for the other players on the server. After briefly explaining why I have brought them here I would proceed to ask what the argument was about and assist in both calming down the players and the situation, once the situation has been defused I would !return both the users and follow them around using !administrate to ensure that they both moved on and didn’t continue with the poor behaviour.

    If the players continue with the poor behavior after the debrief I would !warn [user] [Failure to listen to staff] command to warn the user/s for failing to listen to staff.


    A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do?

    In this situation I would instantly use the  !bring [user] command to bring the cadet back into the training room and to explain to him that he must wait in here until he has finished his cadet training, whilst waiting with the cadet I would proceed to type “SGT+ to the cadet room please” in /ooc. If no response is given I would continue to wait with the cadet and !bring a random player that has is the rank or above the rank of sgt and ask him to train the cadet. Whilst the SGT trains the cadet I would !administrate to watch the cadet and ensure that the cadet doesn’t continue their attempt to leave the room again and actually takes their training seriously. However, if the cadet continues to attempt to leave or continues to minge I would !kick [user] [NITRP // Please come back when you wish to RP]

     ( If no SGTs+ are available I would train the cadet myself )


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I havent seen you much in teamspeak and you rarely expand you horizons in the server limiting yourself to jedi so I will give you a judgement of +1 on this application because you need to keep your name known.

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Mr Hazzi my man you are too late for applying! Anyways on to feedback So you are Always on the server being active and seems that you enjoy the server. Its goo to see you apply for Mod and wanting to help out the server more, As you do an excellent work in Jedi Council you will do fine in trial mod. But some feedback is that you should get your name out there and expand the areas to speak to people. What im trying to say is get your name out there and have a chat with a few blokes that you may not know. It is good that you are always in a ts with jedi council which is basically all staff except you, which i hope u join us in that,  so reach your neck out of your shell and don't be shy.  Just keep doing your hardwork with helping people out as you are and good luck my man!



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Should definitely be given a chance as trial moderator, you always help out the much you can in Council and great person to talk to. +1

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I remember talking to you about getting this position one day and it seems like you were interested but werent sure if you would be able to do it but honestly Hazzi your a great dude your activity is amazing such a chill guy never lashes out over dumb things.. You seem to know quite a bit of ULX which is great! and i do believe you would be perfect for the position love you bro BIG +1

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The time has come.. Good to see you have finally chucked this bad boy in. I like the attention to detail throughout the app, and the thought process shown in scenarios.  I can see in some stages it seems like you may not be 100% confident in your ability to deal with hard to deal with people, but i expect that from someone never being a GG staff member. With time you will learn,  and you have the experience on the server to carry your great attitude with you. Big +1 from me for Trial Phase, i really wan't to see what you can bring to the table man. 

Message me if you need anything for this, Good luck! o7                               +1

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Hmmm...... took awhile to convince you to post this Mr Hazzi, but I'm glad you finally did. You're overall one of the friendliest guys I know and probably the easiest to talk to. He came to me for feedback for his application before posting this, which is one of the good traits to have if you are going for T-Mod. I wish you the best of luck dude, and don't doubt yourself. You've got this.

Big +1

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1 hour ago, Dank Machine said:

Hmmm...... took awhile to convince you to post this Mr Hazzi, but I'm glad you finally did. You're overall one of the friendliest guys I know and probably the easiest to talk to. He came to me for feedback for his application before posting this, which is one of the good traits to have if you are going for T-Mod. I wish you the best of luck dude, and don't doubt yourself. You've got this.

Big +1

Turns out Dank forced him! This is disgusting!!

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After many council meetings of me and dank joking about this, you have finally put the app up and i'll be giving it a massive +1. You are a friendly and helpful guy and always looking for feedback to further help people. The app has some good detail considering you've never been staff before.

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Hey Hazzi, app looks clean as well as showing me you know how ULX works, a friendly bloke and extremely helpful considering not only the things you do in Jedi but with 7th Sky as well. As said previously it'd be good to see you get around more, however I can only see you doing that more often if you get T-MOD and even improving on doing it while this app is up.


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Was literally the most helpful and kind fella in both Jedi and my 187th. Always said you should go for staff and am very happy you're finally attempting to ascertain the role. Everyone in my former regiment can attest to your maturity and approachability which will put you in good stead to collaborate with the wider staff team and community. And finally your application is fantastic. Huge +1 

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