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This is a quick un politically motivated list in which all expressions of views an opinions are that of my own and subject to change. It is recommended you look through this list under the guise of an observer and do not readily correct my opinions due to the fact that they are that of my own and I am entitled to them. Without further ado feel free to look through my reviews.


Passive Mobs

Axolotl- Lil fish can go in buckets which makes him cool, comes in a whole host of colours as well so that is pretty neat, Not to mention they can attack guardians which is nice.


Bat- This guy should not exist and literally contributes nothing to society except get in the way when you're about to be done breaking some iron causing you to have to restart mining it.


Cat- Pretty chill guy, again has a lot of different colours and looks and as an added bonus Creepers have a phobia of them so that's extremely helpful. And also they bring you gifts while you sleep which is great companionship.


Chicken- Goes cluck cluck cluck. 


Cod- A fish you can eat, probably one of the better fish to eat, definitely better then not eating.


Cow- Goes Moo MOO moo, kinda cool that the devs gave them this many lines, but aside from that their one of the better snacks and they also drop leather which is useful.


Donkey- If you get one of these guys and breed it with a horse cool things happen.


Fox- Once had like 40 of these guys and gave them swords, was pretty cool and I even killed a few people, They'd be better if you didn't have to use a lead to make them follow you.


Glow squid- Literally seen like 4 of these guys and killed them everytime, would not recomend seeking them out their mega dumb.


Horse- Same points as the donkey as well as their a great mount depending on what colour you get, unless that's not how that works, I have no idea how it works because I don't invest all my time into horses like a loser


Mushroom Cow- These guys get a whole island of mushrooms to themselves they come in two colours and you can even milk stew out of their nipples which is really disgusting to think about.


Mule- SPOILERS This is what you get when the horse and donkey breed and he's a great guy would definitely recommend getting your hands on one just make sure the horse you breed with is elite.


Ocelot- Lives in the jungle like a loser running around.


Parrot- Lives in the jungle like a sigma male and can even dance around to epic tunes like mellohoi 


Pig- Great guy to eat, Eating bacon in game is such a fun experience


Pufferfish- Bad guy all around bad news, avoid at all costs they just like to poke ya till you cant take it no more.


Rabbit- Kinda bouncy and sometimes you can get their foot.


Salmon- Another fish you can eat, 


Sheep- Drops wool is one of the greatest things in the game but eating mutton is kinda gross so it's a meh mob.


Skeleton horse- Like a horse but its a skeleton and you can ride it like a submarine in water so that's awesome.


Snow golem- Like a living snow man


Squid- The OG until the other weirdo came about, recommend killing him for his sack or just watching him swim like a weirdo.


Strider- FREAK of nature, but you can ride them while they walk on water so their a freak with purpose


Tropical fish- Too many to go through, basically just colourful water worms that are edible.


Turtle- Cool guy does a lot of swimming and likes sand


Villager- 90% Of the trades are horrendous and I recommend setting up a camp where you can concentrate the Villagers into giving you great stuff for cheap prices.


Wandering trade- All the trades suck like who wants to spend an emerald on a block of dirt when your standing on dirt, but killing him does get you his llama leads which are very useful and pretty much free.


Neutral Mobs

Bee- Buzz off…… Dunno what they do always avoided them


Cave spider- Scary guy avoid cause he will poison you then kill you


Dolphin- Nice fella helps you swim faster


Endermen- Steals blocks from the floor then you never see him again


Goat- BAAAA, i've seen them once and they were all on a mountain looking at each other.


Iron Golem- Great guy one of the coolest people you will meet, hates mobs and loves villagers. If you hit him or his villagers he will get mad though so don't do that.


Llama- Spits sometimes.


Piglin- Likes money and gold, also gives you stuff for gold.


Panda- lazy loser, no idea how these still exist in real life I recommend we wipe them out


Polar Bear- Pretty CHILL because he lives in the snow. 


Spider- climbs your walls so when these guys are determined no where's safe.


Wolf- Can be tamed into a dog even though its a wolf so should really be called a tamed wolf when you tame it.


Zombified Piglin- Bring back zombie pigmen 😞

Hostile Mobs

Blaze- Like a walking flamethrower that wants to kill you.


Creeper-Worst of the worst do not go near.


Drowned- really mad that they drowned and want to take it out on you.


Elder Guardian- hates it when you break blocks and will do anything to stop you.


Endermite- Lives in the eyes of endermen technically because they come out of ender pearls and we all know those are endermen eyes.


Evoker- Wizard dude drops a totem that is very cool.


Ghast- Big screaming sky baby


Guardian- Shoots space lasers but lives in the water.


Hoglin- Fat piggy


Husk- desert zombie that does not burn


Magma Cube-Big fires an evil jumpy block that breaks into more but smaller jumpy fire blocks.


Phantom- Worst mob ever.


Piglin Brute- No idea


Pillager- Cool crossbow dude that has it out for villagers


Ravager- Looks like a dinosaur and foursome reason has a villager nose


Shulker- makes you fly but you can kill them and make a cool storage box.


Silverfish- NO


Skeleton-  an excellent archer that likes to pick bones with you


Slime- Green and sticky


Stray--  Snow skeleton that weighs you down with arrows


Vex- Little flying guy


Vindicater- got an axe and a vendetta for villagers


Witch- weird do not go near not even worth it to kill, they always just poison you, such a big nuisance 


Wither Skeleton- like a skeleton but worse, bigger, blacker , stronger and they get iron swords.


Zoglin- Zombie piggly


Zombie- Normal zombie cool guys, fun to fight


Zombie villager- Like a villager but undead


Wither- big scary, got three heads and kills everything


Ender Dragon- Dragon dude that lives on an island with endermen


Thank you for taking the time off day to view my list.

Made By FROG

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3 hours ago, Frog said:

Villager- 90% Of the trades are horrendous and I recommend setting up a camp where you can concentrate the Villagers into giving you great stuff for cheap prices.

I too like to put my villagers in concentration camps. Obviously to get a mending book though

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