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Project Electro Log 2

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# ... Entering alias Soviet

# ... Accessing Republic Navy Files....

# ...Code Access : 1512


#... Top Secret Initiated 

# ... Access granted to Naval Database

Project Electro Log 2 
Naval Forces Picked Up Cargo From [REDACTED] On Coursant NSF Forces Provided Escort To Naval Command Center Were Two Fully Armed EMPs Were Finished RHC Major General Snickers Has Been Informed Of The Project We Moved To Anaxes For EMP Deployment Testing NSF Forces Will Escort Us To RSWD Compound Or Another Outpost And Reprogrammed Droids Will Be Deployed For Testing And EMP Will Be Fully Deployed At Anaxes Report Will Continue At Anaxes Estimates Report That The EMP Will Work Perfectly


Senior Crewman Soviet "Its Ready We Will Be Testing It At Anaxes"
{REDACTED} "Very Well My Cover Was Nearly Blown Though I Think They Suspect That I've Leaked The Cargo And Intel"
Senior Crewman Soviet "My Friend You Defection Was Covered They Shouldn't Know About It"
[REDACTED] "Well They DO Ugh.... Im Sorry I've Just Grown Tired Of All This Spy Work"
Senior Crewman Soviet "Thanks I have to go now.."

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