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Project Electro Log 1

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# ... Entering alias Soviet

# ... Accessing Republic Navy Files....

# ...Code Access : 1512


#... Top Secret Initiated 

# ... Access granted to Naval Database

Log 1 Of Project Electro
The EMP Has Been Successfully Created NSF Will Be Assisting In Project Test And Deployment 

RSWD Has Provide A Power Source Sufficient For Project Electro A Hypermatter Generator That Fits Inside The EMP Current Secrecy Of This Project Is Of The Utmost Importance So CIS Forces Cant Prepare For A Full Use Against Them As EMP Resistant Devices Can Be Mass Implanted On The CIS Droids 

Naval Special Forces Has Taken A [REDACTED] File From [REDACTED] During Operation Fallen Wind. 21 [REDACTED] Were Found Powering The Main Compound NSF Forces Identified Them An Destroyed 10 Of The [REDACTED] And Took 11 For Project Electro

Venator Defiance Is Currently Transporting [REDACTED] To [REDACTED] Troopers Under Clearance [4] Do Not Know Anything About Project Electro Commanders Have A Redacted Version Of It For Naval Secrecy RHC Has A Full Database Due To There Rank Major General Snickers Current Commander Of Detachment Gateway Will Be Informed Soon

Engineers Have Started On Project Electro Using Power From The Venators Reactor Core Aswell The Possible Integration Of A Chemical Enhancement Of The Power Supply To Compact An Energy Source To Attempt To Boost Power 

[REDACTED] "Sir We Have The {REDACTED] 11 Of Them All Ready For Project Electro"
Senior Crewman Soviet "Very Good Keep Working We Need More Supply's But Your Doing Well We Don't Want To Mess Up There Are To Many Cards At Play To Risk is RHC Has Every Eye On Us They Need It"
[REDACTED] "Yes Sir Our Secrecy Will Be Kept"
Senior Crewman Soviet "Very Well"

#...Signing Out
#... Secure Sign Out


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Awesome Russia! Great writing and it seems a lot of work was put into this. Keep up the great work!

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