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Ban Appeal

Guest Nutaholic

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Guest Nutaholic

Your In-game Name: Nutaholic

Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198091745220/home

Your Steam ID (Find it here76561198091745220


Who banned you? Beatroot

Length of the ban? Permanent 

Reason of the ban? No intent to RP

Why should we unban you? This ban was issued in 2018, I got banned for mucking around because then I thought I wasn't going to take the server seriously. My interests have shifted and I am deeply sorry for mucking around when I played but I really want to get into the roleplaying and commit to playing on the server. 

Nutaholic is just my steam name, I was unsure of what I had set my in-game name to previously.

Thanks for your consideration

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I don't know if it is just me but I can't view your Steam Profile nor your Steam ID, try and supply a better link.

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Unless this isn't the entire truth I don't see why not. We get mingy people coming back years later wanting to give it a fair go so why not.

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This is a mate of mine I can help provide the missing links:


I was staff at the time of the ban and witness what happened as well as the ban. They joined the server with intention to do something dumb and were going to receive a short ban but didn't think much of it and asked to be permanently banned instead.

I know this is obviously a personal bias, but there have been too many ban appeals to count of players who joined years back to minge and get banned, but want another chance to actually take the server seriously, so I cannot see the issue with him being carefully provided a 2nd shot.


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