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Durian - CW: Trial Moderator Application

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  • Current in-game alias/rank:

    Master Sergeant T-1307
  • Previous Notable Names/Ranks/Positions

  • Steam ID:

  • Steam Profile Link:

  • List your current playtime (in hours) on our Clone Wars RP server:

  • What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.)

  • Do you have any active warnings? (Confirm with a staff member if unsure):

  • TeamSpeak is an essential platform used by all staff members to communicate to each other and the community. A majority of your presence (including activity) will be determined by your availability on TeamSpeak. Do you have it installed?

  • What made you decide to join the staff team? What are your intentions with the staffing role and it's in-game abilities and power?

    To start of I decided to join the staff team because i enjoy helping in the community. With the staff role I intend to help the community in any way possible, like helping players that are stuck or having problems to getting droids that have dug themselves into the ground like a mole rat. I will also actively respond to ticket request from people on the server. Something that made me decide to join staff is also the fact that some staff aren't able to be online during the early hours unlike myself.
  • In a minimum of 50 words, express if and / or how you enjoy helping others? Also include how this will transfer into the staffing role if achieved.

    I enjoy helping the people in the community, this can be shown by some of the trainings I conduct, I try my best to transfer the knowledge I have of shooting and climb swep to others to help them progress in their skills. I also go about participating in some events as an Event Character supporting the event masters during the events. As a Trial Mod I will be able to extend my helpings further. I will be able to show this by actively responding to ticket request and keeping the server in control whether it is going around cleaning up rogue droids that have dug themselves in the ground or dealing with a Mass rule breaker.
  • In a minimum of 50 words, if given a trial phase, how will you impact the community and what benefits will you bring to the staff team?

    If given the Trial Moderator role I will be able to help get players that are stuck in spawn during events or on main base, I will also be able to actively respond to any ticket request that comes through. I am able to speak confidently and clearly during admin sits and I am confident enough to deal with highly abusive players. Not only will I be able to help people in the community I will also be able to help newcomers and get them settled in answering their questions and giving them a rundown of what happens and potentially get him in a regiment. As a staff member on the server I will be active a Few hours a day and be on early to attend to the people that are on during that time.
  • Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to a given standard? This standard is varied, although a minimum of 20 hours per week is strongly advised. Do you understand that your application’s comments from other staff members are encouraged to be directed as harsh constructive criticism only and should never be intended to insult or discourage?

  • Disclaimer - Be advised, extremely low effort answers for the following questions will result in your application to be either put on hold until a better standard is reached, or outwrite deleted. Please refer to previously accepted applications or ask a current staff member to then influence your own unique response. (Any forged responses will result in a denied application)

  • A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?

    I am going to split this into Two scenarios
    Scenario 1 RDM/Player Abuse No reason
    Firstly I would go to a secluded spot on the map and !bring (Rulebreaker) I will confront him on his suspected wrong doings and check the logs. (Logs show proof of verbal abuse and RDM). After seeing the evidence against the Rule Breaker I will then ask him why he did it. After hearing why he did it (He started it first, he killed me) I would then !bring (Victim) to hear his side of the story, while the victim is telling me his side of the story I will open up the logs to see if he did kill anyone (Logs show no proof) If the Rule Breaker interrupts more than once I will gag him. After seeing the evidence I will tell the Victim and the Rule Breaker of my decision. My decision being to !warn (Rulebreaker) RDM/Player Abuse

    Scenario 2 RDM/Player Abuse Aggravated
    Firstly I would go to a secluded spot on the map and !bring (Rulebreaker) I will confront him on his suspected wrong doings and check the logs. (Logs show proof of verbal abuse and RDM). After reviewing the evidence against the Rule Breaker I will ask him why he did it and what gave him the urge to kill the Victim (Rule Breaker says he instigated it) I will then review the logs to see if the Victim has killed the Rule Breaker. (Logs show Rulebreaker and Victim have argument and Victim kills Rulebreaker and Rulebreaker Revenge RDMs) I will then !bring (Victim) and ask him to convey his side of the story. After hearing his side (He killed me, and called me ..... ) I will come up with my decision and tell them what I have decided. The decision is to !Warn (Victim / Rule Breaker) RDM/Player Abuse since the logs show evidence they both did wrong doings.
  • A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do?

    I would ask politely for the User to stop verbally abusing me. If he keeps on abusing me on a low scale I will let it pass but if he abuses me on a high level I will !gag User. I will then proceed to contact a senior staff member on the server. If there are no Senior Staff members online I will go onto Discord or Teamspeak and request one from there. Once a Senior Staff Member is available and on the server I will inform him of the situation and !ungag User to let him speak to the Senior Staff Member. I will do this to get an unbiased decision to truly resolve the situation.
  • A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do?

    A DDos Threat is serious and not to be taken lightly so I would immediately !ban (Rulebreaker) 0 "DDos Threat" and contact a Senior Staff Member and inform him about the situation and how I delt with it and let the Senior Staff Member do what he needs to do after that.
  • A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do?

    If a Commander and Lieutenant are arguing I would go to a secluded part of the map !bring (Commander and Lieutenant) and explain how they are supposed to be a role model for the server and how it is unacceptable for them to be doing this in front of the server. I would then proceed to ask them the context of the argument. I will then attempt to resolve the disagreement at my best ability and I will !gag The LT or Commander if they cannot give a sufficient time for the other to speak. After trying to or resolving the disagreement I will let both of them of with a verbal warning reminding them that they are role models of the server and if they continue this they will be getting a warn if they continue with the behaviour and then !return (Commander and Lieutenant). If they continued the argument after I returned them I will then !bring (Commander and Lieutenant) and tell them that I did give them a verbal warning and that they both will be receiving a official warning for Failure to Obey Staff and Player Abuse then I would !warn (Commander and Lieutenant) Failure to Obey Staff and Player Abuse
  • A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do?

    If a Cadet has escaped containment I will !bring Cadet to the cadet training room and explain that he needs to stay here an await a Sergeant to come and train him ( I will let him off with the NITRP due to the fact that he might of been waiting for a long time for a trainer and none has come to train him). I will contact a Sergeant + to train him and I will watch his training to make sure he isn't mingey and to get him started into the server. If there are no SGT+ I will train him myself and make sure he is in line. If he continues the minginess and still shows NITRP I will !ban Cadet 3 Days "No Intention To Roleplay)" If he stops showing the signs of Minginess I will let him go and inform him that if he has questions feel free to ask myself any other staff member or your officers and we will be happy to help.
  • An accessible clipboard (copy and paste) for this template is linked here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k2E37US8rKo7UgSQweH0acN0iC9xmZUiL02yzlBEslU/edit?usp=sharing

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Hey Polo/Durian good to see you applying for Mod and goodluck with the app!
First little thing that is your reputation of your previous warnings as they may affect some views of you applying for mod. Its good that you changed and became more mature and as you are 13 that will be a little funky with the application. A little thing i recommend you do is hop in TS and get ur name out there and just have chat with some guys. Don't be scared to hop in channel where staff is in and ask any questions you are not sure about. 

Best wishes man!

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Hey Polo, The app looks really good, lots of detail and you expanded on a lot of stuff too. I'd recommend added a bit of colour and highlighting commands and stuff like that to make it slightly easier to read but other than that looks really good brotha. In game you're insanely active and always willing to help a bloke out with training and other stuff like that. You've also really matured over the time of you being in CG at least. 

The only thing I'd recommend you do is get your name out there a bit more, jump around some ts channels and maybe even comment a bit on forum posts. Interact with the community outside of Shock and you should be sweet.

+1, would be sick to have another New Zealander on the team

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Hello Polo, as stated by Chunky, your app is a pretty decent and houses a great amount of detail within it, as he also mentioned it is missing the commands but that isn't to big an issue as you can learn them regardless but studying them does make it 10x easier. I am unsure if you can go back and edit the application like Chunky did state in adding colours and such as you used the "Open Applications" section and not the template like a lot of people use.

Being genuinely honest, you have shown myself and the rest of the community a huge shift in your attitude towards the server and how serious you take it. A fair while back you were considered that of a hefty minge who had good intentions but just let the fun get the better of you and go a bit to wild. I remember when you were in my 104th for the short period and you copped your ban and you told me you were going to take a break and come back a better gamer, I personally thought it was just straight 🧢. However you genuinely shocked me with how much you have matured. Since rejoining CG/Shock you've been doing incredible to showcase your change and have become a very uplifting member of the community. I can say with a lot of confidence, a majority of the staff team has witnessed your efforts and are also quite surprised. As your CO I see you giving your position 110% you are always keeping proactive within the regiment doing tasks that aren't even needed to be done, but just out of pure drive and effort to showcase your commitment and maturity. You are insanely active on the server so no issues to be said there in the slightest.

There is a small concern some of the staff do have however. In our regimental discord, when asked your age you said 12, but later changed it to 13. I'm unsure if you raised it so its closer to the 14 mark for the minimum age requirement, and didn't want to get instant denied. It's always better to be honest about it, we have had people apply in the past who lied about their age and copped a fair bit of flack for it. I will say it's not really a major issue if you are younger its more or less just set as a standard. We have had younger members in staff recently, Bread being a notable mention as he was also 12 and applied and actually passed his trial phase. The main thing we are looking for is ones maturity and outlook as to how the may handle themselves in the position. Being younger, a lot of who are don't have that force of authority in sits and can be bamboozled pretty easily by older people who know their way with words.

As for your prior warns and there being like 12 of them, most of them are from 2018-2019 and given the time period you would have been only like 10 when you did a lot of them, and its clear that people mature and can change and are always worth the 2nd chance.

As for some suggestions to bolster your chances of getting a shot at the position I'd recommend:
- Putting yourself out there in the wider community more and more and step up in being that a helpful face in the community more than you're already been doing
- Use of the team-speak and getting out of the small bubble you currently have on the server, I know you mainly talk with us in CG/Shock but getting to know others is a great thing as you can find some great members in the community to call good friends.
- Being more proactive in the main discord and helping out players and just interacting more getting yourself out there
- Lastly, even the use of the forums on a more consistent basis, just upping your presence on here can go a long way

With all being said I can personally say you've earned my +1. Given the change you have shown in your perspective and maturity as well as your insane activity. I do recommend taking what Chunky and the others have said into studying the commands and perhaps upping some of the formatting on the app if possible. Main thing we are looking for is ones maturity and how they can present themselves in the staff team, because as Staff you represent the community so do take that in the heavy consideration. Good luck on your application Polo. If you have any further questions don't be a stranger to sing out and hit us up in the DMs, any staff member is more than happy to take the time and offer you suggestions and feedback.

Once again, best of luck!

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Greetings Durian! I have seen you grow from a minge to a reformed player and it is amazing to see, great to see that you're applying for Moderator. From the comments above, I can see that you have taken their feedback and is trying to implement them to improve yourself generally as a user in the community. I personally have seen it myself and it is quite great to see. As Serbo stated above, we wouldn't want our applicants to lie in their applications, as it would generally make them look worse in the situation and I hope you understand our concerns. But besides that, I wish you the best of luck. I shall leave a +1 for now.

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Durian your application is quite good and I’ve been seeing you in-game and ts a lot...

I see you have put yourself out there and constantly interact with the community,

You took the feedback that serbo gave you and applied it which is pog

At first, when I saw you were 13 I thought there would be an issue with maturity but through interactions with you, I have found your maturity and confidence is good.

For now +1 from me keep up the good work B).

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Been keeping an eye on you lately when it comes to behaviour and such and your doing a great job and following rules reckon you would do an excellent job well done dude wish you luck!!! ❤️ 

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