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Primal - IMP: PAC3 Application

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    Chadwick Cinder
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  • Why do you want access to PAC3?

    I would like access to pac3 to add certain animations and props to my navy and IC characters, these animations would include holograms and typing animations for console rp.
  • How is PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server?

    I feel as if pac3 can bring limitless opportunities to rp on the server. These can be little things such as a robot hand after a battle or a special running animation to make in look like your actually in a battle. PAC3 brings endless possibilities to rp and would make me to continue to play the server because of how interesting it makes the gameplay.
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The last three are nearly identical I'd recommend switching two of them out for other stuff you've made for higher chances, good luck however.

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Right I'm adding two more pacs to the collection.

Pac 1: Robotic forearm which is also a techpad.
Pac 2: A tinkering gesture for the robotic forearm. ( I just need to finish up on the fingers then it's done.)




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The images show that you have a decent understanding of pac and its uses within rp but personally I would prefer some videos showcasing how it all functions in game. I will be leaving a Neutral for now.  Good luck!

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