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Operation: Syndrome

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Clearance Level: Restricted 1 ( [REDACTED] Personnel Only).

AGENT DETAILS:   Lead Agent Cillian J. Lynch Commander-in-Chief




-Recording playback activated subject “J.Lynch” - 22ND Rotation

Thought I’d start off our new operations under [REDACTED]  myself, you know, to ensure its completion. First target CT-7788 “Buster” has been tracked to Coruscant, at his current employment as a training officer at private security company “Iron Vanguard” . Typical for many of the clones to take up some sort of position that involves conflict, I mean they were bred for it. Using my contacts in the high society of Coruscant, an investment banker ( Who has since has been [REDACTED], to cover the operations tracks) who owes me gave me intel on this security company. They offer decent security in the white collar sector, word is they don’t ever engage in any real conflict due to the sector they operate in, making our jobs easier in snatching the target. 

I will be dispatching Field Agent squadron [REDACTED] tomorrow to confirm his location.  

-Recording playback ending… - 


-Recording playback activated subject “J.Lynch” - 24TH Rotation

[REDACTED] have located the individual and confirmed a positive ID on CT-7788 “Buster” They were able to slip a tracking device onto his gun holster, attached to his belt that was taken off during training, [REDACTED] raised no suspicions and weren’t made. It is assumed 7788 has not been spooked and the operation can move forward.

-Recording playback ending… - 




  1. #02155 Titled: Work - Capture of CT-7788 instructing security at a bank firm believed to be one of their contracts - “CT-7788 has a data-pad in hand, directing security guards to their posts and talking to believed employees of the firm, no blaster or weapon spotted on his person” - 

  2.  #02156 Physical item: Data-disc requiring facial ID ( ALL [REDACTED] have been added), the data-disc showcases the tracking software, with it pinging a new location every 30 seconds. 


The statements above are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief

Signed: Cillian J. Lynch

Overseer Name: [REDACTED] 



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