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Ban Appeal

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I was banned for a year due to “ disconnection to avoid rp “

@Beatroot @Zia

Last night I had a chat with Johan and @Das_Yeet  to prove I can be respectful and good on the server to possibly get my name Link back next Thursday. I had a lot of motivation and did exactly what was asked for. 

After the 8:30pm event last night it was around just after 10pm and at debrief my ID expired, so I ran all the way quickly to renew it, whilst this was happening my mum wanted me to get off the computer (that’s also why I was running around fast because I wanted to do the debrief quickly before bed) I renewed it and then a shock trooper was following me and he actually had shocked me with the shock things and I was confused, I guess he thought I may have been trying to run away? Anyways he was in the middle of telling me about giving me a ticket, a fine or something to pay and while that was happening my mum then came in my room and was telling me to get off right now. My character in game was frozen for probably about 2 minutes as I was AFK with my mother. I logged off thinking absolutely nothing of it because I legitimately had to leave and I didn’t think leaving in the middle of RP is going to get me in trouble, I couldn’t help having to leave. I come on just before and it says that I’ve been banned for a year by zia and I’m just so confused. I’ve been commended for my improvements in my behaviour on the server. I’ve worked on not reacting as much to what people say etc. and now I’ve been banned for a year because I had to get off my computer and I’m being accused “of disconnecting due to avoiding rp” 

I am genuinely sorry to the shock trooper if I had offended him and made him feel as though I was avoiding him.  I have 30K credits, I can pay any fine, I have no issue with paying them. I just genuinely had to get off. I couldn’t even type that I had to get off because my mum was angry that I was still on and I take real life’s responsibilities first before a video game.


I hope you can understand this and see that I’ve been trying to become a better person on the server and get rid of the bad reputation I have, and hopefully unban me because I really am confused by this.


thanks, link. 

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I am semi informed of the situation, but I have noticed your attempts to improve overall. However, I still have my concerns. Disconnecting to avoid RP is a breach of rules, and in future make an attempt to tell people you are interacting with that you need to leave. I'll be confirming stories with @Zia when he is next available. As I think this overall was a misunderstanding!

Link you have been very problematic and situations seem to always stem from something you've said or done. Friendly reminder, you are on thin ice, tread carefully and be sure to remove yourself from any situation that could land you in trouble. Last Chance!

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