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IMP: The Sterilisation of Geonosis

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The Sterilisation of Geonosis


The Geonosians have been for a long time, a vile score on the galaxy. Their secluded ways of life on the rocky planet of Geonosis has come to the attention of Imperial Command. They know too much, says Command. They can reveal what must not be revealed. These creatures have served their purpose in the galaxy and the Empire must decide to rid their burden. Their species - the Geonosian - is nothing but mindless insectoids which must be stopped, no matter the method, they will all die. Many will fight against the Empire, some would say resist. However, we know they will fail.

The Empire is strong. Long live the Empire.


Command Transmission



Commanding Officials, this is Mission Advisory transmitting for mission objectives.

Under orders of Grand Moff Tarkin, the ISD Chimaera has been deployed to the Arkanis sector in the atmosphere of Geonosis. Your primary objective is the complete extermination of the Geonosian species population, with exception to select labour forces to be transferred off world. Planetary scans and census data indicates a current population of 100 billion. 

ISD Chimaera forces are advised the Geonosians will resist this assault with their species and technologies from the old war - the Clone War. These 'Separatist' technologies are droids which must be deactivated and destroyed. 

Advisory out.



Campaign Details

The campaign will start at 2:30pm AEST on Saturday the 19th of June with the deployment to Geonosis.

The campaign will be in three (3) stages which are split out into different maps and objectives. 

Approx: (1) 2:30pm (2) 5:00pm (3) 8:00pm.

Different objectives will be given to regiments based on their attendance and purposes.

There is a focus on shooting this campaign with the story elements included through clues and passive RP. 

This is a joint effort of Sloth, Max, and myself. 


Hope to see you all there!

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