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Dread Hunger - Game Night

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Hey guys, although I'm not playing Garry's Mod much, I thought about having our game nights once more. I've been watching some Youtube videos on this game called Dread Hunger, and I thought it was a great game to have and to play with friends.

8 members or 8 players are set on an expedition to the icy lands of the Arctic. Each crew member has a role in the ship from Captain, Hunter, Cook, etc. However, although this trip seems great you have two traitors on board the ship. Upon arriving in the Arctic the winds have died down and your only hope to get the other side is using the boiler with coals. With limited resources, you're forced to explore the Arctic for resources. Seeking new materials to craft items, seeking food, coals or a warm place. You only have two days to get the ship moving across the Arctic before the Blizzard arrives. The two traitors must find a way to stop you from getting to the end with the ship, they have tools to summon cannibalism creatures to attack the crew members or summon fog to block their vision. But the Ship is blocked with a large iceberg in the way, however, there's a crate of nitro that's enough to destroy the iceberg. Someone will have to gather the crate of nitro and set it near the massive iceberg. You only have two lives, if you die out in the Arctic. You will have a second chance in the prison cells inside the ship. Players can let you out with a key, or they might refuse to let you out. 

Can you trust your crewmate?





If you're interested in playing the game or wishing to join in the game night, here the steam and my discord for the game night in the future.


Join the Discord for future game night for it and of course other games as well!


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