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Alodia Ara'Lalu | Female Jedi

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Full Name: Alodia Ara’Lalu

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Alodia, Ara

Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Basic Mando’a

Hobbies: Reading, Meditating, Cooking, and anything technology related

Alignment: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic





Mental State: Calm

Mental Disabilities: Trauma from a previous experience from an old friend

Likes: Good books, Nice clothing and her Jedi superiors

Dislikes: Tatooine thugs, Jawas and Geonosians

Personality: Shy and Introverted but friendly when
she gets along with someone




Physical State: Very firm and healthy

Age: 19

Weight: 185

Build: Slim and average firm body

Disabilities: Nothing

Appearance: brownish with a slim and silky skin and a long hair





Rank: Padawan

Master (current or previous): Varen Kusovai

Lightsaber details: a very thin lightsaber built for her personal preference

Combat style: Shii-Cho





Alodia used to live in a small farm in the Tatooine Dune Sea with her family for about 3 years before the Jedi Order took her to the Jedi Temple. Her life in the farm was rough but it was full of joy and love.

Her father was a metal and junk scrapper, he sold what he found in the nearest town to provide for the needs of their family, her mother was a normal housewife who protected and took care of her and their home. Her mother had an approachable and selfless nature, despite her own struggles in life she never failed to help anyone who was struggling. Because of this, Alodia looked up to her mother so much she wanted to be exactly like her when she grows up.


Alodia was a little bit spoiled growing up, she wouldn't listen to anything said when she didn't get what she wanted, but she was also loving and kind especially towards her family. Because she looked up to her mother's kindness, she tries her best to be helpful and kind to everyone in need. There was this one time their neighbors asked Alodia's family to help them carry a bunch of baggage they had to deliver to the nearest town and Alodia being a child that's full of energy, she went and told her mother that she would also lend them a hand. She rarely has the chance to visit the town and see the townspeople so she took this chance. When they arrived, they were preparing to load off the baggage to the store owned by their neighbor but there was a group of thugs who were planning to steal their goods. They attacked them when they were unguarded, her mother was especially beaten down, they were crying for help but no one came to their aid. Alodia who was pure of sadness and anger, for the first time, manifested the force to be able to push away the thugs who attacked them. A Jedi who saw what happened, immediately reported Alodia's force powers to the Jedi order and he was then tasked to bring Alodia to the Jedi Order. 


It was discovered that she is a force sensitive child when she was checked after the jedi took her to the temple. She was overwhelmed and out of place because everything there is new to her. She was also shy to everyone around her, setting a distance and limiting any interaction that she's in. 


Years had passed and she is now a 12 year old who already earned her rank as a Padawan, until now she still doesn't converse to any of her allies that much unless it is required in her classes or duelling. She gained interest in literature and poetry hence during her free time, she took the liberty of reading books from the Jedi Temple to increase her knowledge. 


Her path in earning her rank took awhile since finding a master to attend to her was hard. She had late teachings from the Jedi Order but it didn't stop her from practicing on her own despite the struggles that came with. She trained independently, she became familiar with the Shii-Cho, a lightsaber form,  as it was easy and simple to learn. But for 6 years, she was stuck in her Padawan rank because of her shyness to approach anyone, hence limiting her experiences with the books and previous masters that she had.


Varen Kusovai introduced himself to her one day, promising her that he would help her come out of her shell and train her. She was skeptical at first but she grew comfortable with him as her master. Piece by piece, she was able to branch out in the order and she eventually improved with the help of her master's teachings. Despite having trust issues still, she and her master would go on battles and trainings together to improve both their relationship and skills to be able to fight for the republic.

Dislikes: Jawas and Tatooine thugs
Likes: Previous Jedi masters and close friends
Best Friend: Varen Kusovai


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