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Mon'ke - Togruta Bio

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  # ... Entering alias  

  # ... Alias accepted  

  # ... Enter secret  

  # ... Secret enabled  

  # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives  



  Full Name: Mon’ke  

  Known Alias’/Nicknames: Mon’ke / Mon  

  Previous Occupation: Unemployed  

  Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan  

  Known Languages: Galactic Sign Language (GSL), Galactic basic (Can’t speak) and Togruta (Can’t speak)  

  Hobbies: Reading, Politics, Conversation, Dueling / Physical activities.  

  Alignment: Grand Army Of The Republic, Jedi Order, Republic Senate.  




  Mental State: Stable  

  Mental Disabilities: None of note  

  Likes: Politics, Fighting, History.  

  Dislikes: Nosey people, Anyone who opposes the Republic, Roasted Porg.  

  Personality: Very outgoing, willing to ‘talk’ to most people.  



  Race: Togruta  

  Physical State: Physically able for battle, unable to speak (Uses GSL) 

  Age: 18  

  Weight: 66 Kg  

  Build: 175cm (5’7), Strong enough but not completely fit  

  Disabilities: Unable to use voice, uses sign language.  

  Appearance: Shy, unwanting of attention.  



  Rank: Jedi Padawan  

  Master (current or previous): Knight Khah Sarik  

  Lightsaber details:  


  Single Hilt 3  

  Combat style: Form I, Shii Cho  




   Mon’ke’s mother is a leading female senator which was unusual because people thought that politics was a males job, this came with risks because people believed that she shouldn’t have been in such a position of power. When Mon’ke was 6 his mother was captured by 3 bounty hunters paid by a crime boss that had been affected by a bill she proposed to the republic senate, at the time she     was attacked Mon’ke was with her playing in the local park not too far from their home, they were taken to an abandoned farm house where she was tortured in front of Mon’ke, when the bounty hunters where not looking Mon’ke used a weak force pull to pull a communicator over to him and called the local enforcement which sent a squad of CT’s to retrieve them. After a 2 hour siege which led to many dead they were finally retrieved by CT-1239 “Stone”. When the Jedi commander “Jumoki” had arrived he sensed the force powers within Mon’ke and had taken him to the Jedi Temple to be trained in the ways of the Jedi.




Republic Senator Aura (Mon’ke’s mother)

Yori (Father)

Jedi Commander Jumoki (Introduced me to the order)

CT-1239 “Stone” (Saved Mother and self)

3 Masked bounty hunters (Feels anger towards)



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