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Content Suggestions MegaThread

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Over the past month or so I have noticed there is a possibility to add more content for events, building or general immersion for the server. I give you a list of my suggestions in hope they get looked over then accepted / declined by management. Please refer to the addons by the numbers to make it easier to understand. Feel free to give your suggestions too. 

My suggestions:

[1] Star Wars Civilians

Has various models and npcs for the EMs / ECs to use. They come with multiple bodygroups so they can be more adapted to the situation eg. a village full of civilians looks weird everyone looking the same, however with this you may change it more than the current robe/skin colour. This pack comes with multiple others attached and I think it would be good to have them. This is the addon I am most interested in adding. 



[2] Star Wars - Imperial Remnant Propaganda

Posters for propaganda. Currently we have a really good pack of propaganda for use, however this pack also contains rebellion / anti-Empire statements. 



[3] Star Wars Flags & Banners

As the name suggests, has flags and banners of various groups. Currently, there are limited options to show the group has control over the area other than just stating it. Would be nice to show not tell. 



[4] Star Wars: Forces Of Corruption Pack

More ships to use in events other than the classic blockade runner or trandoshian ship. Primary use is for the Zann Consortium which I started an event story back a little ago but it would be nice to have these fit with the group. 



[5] Star Wars CWA : Misc Props

Small pack but it has nice props which can be used for bunks / events.



[6] Star Wars: Tusken Hut Prop

Tusken Hut is very important for the best map ever: rp_tatooine_dunesea_v1. We have Tuskens but they don't have huts. Makes 0 sense. 



[7] Dynamic Height + Crouch Fix

Adjusts view height based on your model height. Can be used for DT / 9th Sister / ECs.



Thank you.

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