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Pasha - CW: PAC3 Application

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  • Steam ID:

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  • Current in-game alias:

    R-84 | Joaquín
  • List your current playtime:

  • Are you a donator?

  • Have you used PAC3 before?

  • Why do you want access to PAC3?

    To be able to make my character more diverse and unique to myself but also to be able create pac creations to make my time around the server more 'immersive'
  • How is PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server?

    Pac3 allows each user to alter the appearance and animations to make their rp character feel 'unique' and allows the user to create different PAC3 creations to make rp scenarios more immersive and unique. The ability to utilise the pac menu in game allows to me to make my in game character more unique to me and grants me to ability to make each rp situation more diverse and immersive for all the players around.


PAC3 Examples 



(Was given the all clear to link my previous application due to the amount of PAC3 Example I have shown) 

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Pasha is very experienced with PAC3. +1

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