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The Trial of Advisor Jieves


Jieves, the long serving Advisor of both the glorious Empire and the fallen Galactic Republic, has been caught up in legal issues.

Whilst on mission through the city of Mos Vesda, his life changed. His mission, to remove the threat of insurgency and rebellious activity meant moving through the city conducting civilian checks, in addition to searching and questioning locals to determine intel. After becoming tired of consistent failure in these standard methods, he grouped the civilians at the city centre. The Advisor proceeded to threaten and cause terror to the innocence, many unsure of the issue given in his speech. His orders unclear to the remaining troopers caused the fatality of innocents with significant counts of related injuries. This plan luckily worked for the Advisor, causing the insurgency to make their presence known to the Imperial force who quickly cleared them out, securing the city. In the mayhem, 47 civilians perished on that day with 23 injuries among the other innocent. 

These actions using terror against the citizens of Mos Vesda - men, women and children alike - resulted in the removal of Jieves' position in the Advisory by ISB Command.

Jieves remains in prison awaiting his trial in the city of Coruscant. 


Command Transmission



Commanding Officials, this is Inspector General Hall of the Imperial Security Bureau, transmitting for mission objectives.

On the 2nd rotation, of the 6th month, of the year 3649, After the Treaty of Coruscant, at 17:30 local time, the prisoner Jieves must be transported from Imperial Prison ISO-L89 en route for his trial. It is understood from local COMPNOR networks, the civilians are preparing to uprise on this rotation. Many locals in outrage at Jieves' actions has resulted in the local Governor expressing direct request for military presence to assist in these times of unrest. As such, the ISD Chimaera will be transporting the prisoner and all relevant witnesses to present before the court. It is your duty to ensure nothing occurs of these individuals in addition to the quelling of civilian resistance. 

Hall out.



Campaign Details

This campaign will start at the 5:30pm AEST event on Wednesday with the transfer to Coruscant. 

We will be remaining on Coruscant until the 8:30pm AEST event begins which will be transferring to another map following the story of Jieves.

The primary incident will be the court case of Jieves conducted by the members of Regional Government with the assistance of security personnel.

All other regiments will be assigned roles throughout the campaign, whether it be quelling the uprising citizens or stopping something more sinister. 

Passive RP will be a focus with the addition of shooting when required .. hopefully not more civilians.

This is a joint effort of Sloth (Jieves), Noc, and myself. 


Hope to see you all there!


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1 hour ago, Twat (Bill) said:

Thank you for attending our campaign. Was excellent. Great fun was had in the EM TS. Hopefully you all had similar. 

Also, massive shoutout to @Exile, @Brother Rein and Flint who helped throughout. Without them, a lot of what happened couldn't have. Even larger shoutout to @Slothand @Noc for assisting. 

I did enjoy being loud and annoying as Speaker Bravo

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