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Newman - IMP: PAC3 Application

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    Lily C. Newman
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    People's motives behind wanting PAC3 varies from time to time, my reasoning behind wanting the utilise PAC3 while playing Gateway Imperial RP is to ensure that all situations have improved/increased role playing experiences to benefit members of the community. As I am currently a member of ISB, I have seen many opportunities to implement PAC3 to enhance the flow of the majority experience for those playing on the server, which could be accomplished if I am allowed access. Even minor roleplaying enchancments would be possible, such as animations, stances, tools and even aesthetic changes to in-game characters. Some animations for female models, such as running - looks odd, which is something animation could fix, possibly leading to more animations to enchance the environment enhancing roleplay for surrounding players on the server.
  • How is PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server?

    PAC3 would not only enhance my time on the server, but others around me as it can result in more sophisticated roleplay using various PAC's, such as holograms and notepads - imparticular for ISB roleplaying. PAC3 will allow me to express my individuality in the community, allowing me further more in-depth roleplay while on the server. Despite this, I am evidentally still have a lot to learn to become proficiant in PAC3. I believe that if I am allowed access to PAC3 on Gateway Imperial RP it will provide opportunity to improve and learn new techniques, helping me better understand the mechanic for future opportunities, rather than sitting in single player.

    Example 1: Bone merged Imperial Security Bureau model!
    Example 2: Notebook animation for PAC3, could be used in events such as - investigations, recording information, more!
    Example 3: Animated hologram animation for PAC3 (rotating) - could also be modified for chat events as well.
    Example 4: Idle animation PAC3 - could use this type of event to make new stances for RP.
  • PAC3 Example #1:

  • PAC3 Example #2:

  • PAC3 Example #3:

  • PAC3 Example #4:

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Although new to PAC3 I think these examples are a good use for RP and your character in game. Once you learn a bit more you will definitely help express RP better in your own way. 

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Posted (edited)

To be honest they seem like pretty standard pacs, maybe make something more unique then the usual cross arms and Data-pad stuff. Maybe more custom animations like Walking changes and running changes, or more drastic changes to your character to make it unique.

Seems that the last one you made could be refined a bit more to make the movement of the arms more Fluid.


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