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Pineapple pizza is detrimental to society

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A TISM Project

Authored by: Grand Admiral Domino

In association with: Val, Slash and Klax

Published: 24th of May, 2021



This informative investigation will delve into one of the worlds most conflicted topics: "does pineapple belong on pizza?"

This essay will use evidence in the form of credited researchers, world class chefs, anecdotal experiences and community retrospect in-order to affirm the hypothesis:

"Pineapple does not belong on pizza in any of its forms." The paper may also link to relevant societal examples, and provide insight into how this issue may effect the broader world. It attempts to be concise in its analysis and directly evaluates each piece of evidence.



1. The meal 'pizza' was created sometime in-between the 17th, and 19th century. It is thought to have originated in Egyptian and Roman culture, but came to its current state in Southwestern Italy (Gayle Turim, 2021). The state previously referred to was a pie topped with soft white cheese, with the addition of red tomatoes and green basil. This formula clearly does not contain pineapple in any form which means pizza is not made with this ingredient. Thus a pizza with pineapple can not be considered as the traditional 'pizza.' This means that any pizza that has the additive of pineapple cannot be classified as a pizza which in-turn concludes th at pineapple not only does not belong on pizza, but CANNOT belong on pizza as it would remove the validity of it being a pizza.


2. The first person who coined the phrase 'pineapple pizza" and thus was ultimately known for creating the dish was the Greek-born Canadian chef, Sam Panopoulos (Tasos Kokkinidis). This false dish was created in 1962 in an 'experiment.' The term 'experiment' can be defined as "A test or trial of something in a  scientific manner which usually is orchestrated to prove something out of the ordinary." (Merriam Webster, 2021). Thus Panopoulos self admittedly referred to his creation as something out of the ordinary, which definitively proves pineapple on pizza is not normal.


3. Masterclass and world renowned chef, Gordan Ramsay was born in 1966. He began his experience as a chef as early as 1987, meaning he has over 34 years of cooking experience (Gordan Ramsay, 2017). He voiced his disdain on a show known as 'Master Chef' in-which he states "Pineapple does not go on top of pizza" (Food NDTV, 2021). This clear statement by an experienced chef shows the invalidity of pineapple-pizza, and exposes it as the false meal that it is.


4. Grand Admiral Domino conducted a survey of a small number of players in-which the overall data projected a clear distaste for pineapple-pizza, which concurs with the original hypothesis.


5. Domino does not like pineapple on pizza


Discussion of findings

Through corroboration of the evidence, it is clear that these sources strongly agree on one point: pineapple does not belong on pizza. A variety of evidence has been evaluated in terms of historical, statistical and anecdotal. It is clear that pineapple was never meant to be put on pizza at all. If world class cooks, the creator itself, and everyday people agree that pineapple is bad on pizza - it cannot be denied any longer. Through the analysis of this evidence, the hypothesis "Pineapple does not belong on pizza" has been completely proven correct on all fronts.


Relevance to todays society

As social media becomes a larger platform, the loud minority can take control of the silent majority. It is the case that most people agree that pineapple on pizza is bad - but the small group that disagree have attempted to break down human minds and sway many from the correct idealisms. Society cannot let those refuters of the common ideology inject their false narrative. If Gateway Gaming as a community does not put its foot down, the minority will project these ideas and increase their following - this cannot happen. Pineapple pizza has no place on Gateway. If this plague is let loose, it proves that false idealisms can run rampant without consequence, which may create a platform for people who believe in even worse unthinkable ideologies.


Please +1 if you agree with the studies findings, or -1 if you disagree. Thank you for reading.


Bibliography: Each number refers to the corresponding piece of evidence

1. Gayle Turim. History. History.com: Who Invented Pizza?. (2021). Retrieved 23 May 2021, from https://www.history.com/news/a-slice-of-history-pizza-through-the-ages

2. Tasos Kokkinidis. Greek Reporter. Greek Reporter.com: Sam Panopoulos, The Greek Inventor of Hawaiian Pizza. (2021). Retrieved 23 May 2021, from https://greekreporter.com/2021/05/22/sam-panopoulos-the-greek-inventor-of-hawaiian-pizza/

3. Gordon Ramsay. GordonRamsay.com (2021). Retrieved 23 May 2021, from https://www.gordonramsay.com/gr/about-gordon/ 

3. Food NDTV, C. (2021). Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Thinks Pineapple Pizza Is A Joke; Do You Agree?. Retrieved 23 May 2021, from https://food.ndtv.com/news/celebrity-chef-gordon-ramsay-thinks-pineapple-pizza-is-a-joke-do-you-agree-2377413#:~:text=The British chef has already,pizza isn't that bad.

4. Survey: "Should pineapple be on pizza?" Grand Admiral Domino. (2021) 

5. Grand Admiral Domino (2021) 



Edited by DominoOG
-Made the +1, and -1 coloured in the "notes" section.
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This looks like some reliable facts to back up how pineapple on pizza just isn't it. This makes me happy that someone has taken the time to prove how liking pineapple on pizza makes you cringe. Well done dommy.

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Utterly ridiculous 

Since it's conception, pineapple on pizza has been attacked by small minded individuals and pizza "purists" who can't deviate from the regular convention. Your argument of pineapple being on pizza not being ordinary, thus making it not a pizza, is severely flawed. Time and time again we see things that are not traditional become the norm, and this is no exception. As for Mr. Ramsay's statement, while I  and many others respect him as a chef, his opinion does not outweigh the many that agree that pineapple does belong on pizza. 


In addition, the graph included that you state comes from a survey conducted by yourself does not support your argument, as you have not provided the raw data, hinting that the results were influenced by personal bias. The fact that you yourself do not like pineapple on pizza does not further support your argument in any way. When applied to pizza, pineapple adds to the flavour profile and adds a bit of sweetness that goes perfectly with the saltiness of the ham. The fact is that it enhances the flavour of the pizza, whether or not it is meant to be there. The deciding factor here is TASTE, and quite frankly it makes pizza taste better. If you do not like pineapple it's fine if you don't want it on pizza, but you cannot determine if it should be on pizza as your decision would be biased. 

In conclusion, I find this argument to be very flawed, with limited and weak arguments to support your contention. The fact that you posted this is baffling, and I can only assume you did it for attention or to create controversy. This piece is clearly not made to sway the reader, as most would be able to deconstruct your arguments with ease. Pineapple is a great addition to pizza, and the arguments I've seen against it have all been quite lacking, however I challenge someone to attempt to create a more persuasive piece.


Until then, I am a BIG -1

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Good to see you had a wide variance of primary and secondary sources. The Survey really helps your case as it reveals the silent majority that is present within the community. Your essay is well constructed and I also agree with your hypothesis. It's going to be a big +1 from me

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28 minutes ago, Pluto said:

mans got harvard style bibliography, he must be right!

But is he a shouty Scottish man with a anger issue? If he isn't then he's wrong

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