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CT-2240 Das

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\\ Accessing Imperial Database //


\\ Please insert Login Details //

\\  User: user | Password: ********* //


\\ Access Granted //

\\ Welcome user //

\\ Search ID: ##### // 


\\ "______" found //

\\ Accessing files //



Full Name: CC-2240

Known Alias’/Nicknames: "Das"

Previous Occupation: 501st Heavy 

Current Occupation: Commanding Officer of the 501st Legion

Known Languages: Galactic Basic

Hobbies: Drinking copious amounts of alcohol and shooting enemies of the Empire

Alignment: Loyal to the Empire




Mental State: Somewhat psychotic, somewhat level headed 

Mental Disabilities: PTSD

Likes: Alcohol and weapons

Dislikes: Stormtroopers




Physical State: Physically deteriorating but still strong

Age: 23

Weight: 89kg

Build: Lean, but on the bulkier side; bred for combat.

Disabilities: Right Glass Eye



CT-2240 was a clone that was in the 501st legion since the battle of Umbara and have been through multiple battles in his career, as he progresses in his military career he have lost multiple brothers and commanders yet he stills fights one with unquestioning loyalty and unwavering skill. he is a somewhat older clone and a more unstable as he have gone trough multiple brutal battles and suffer from alcoholism

CC-2240 Has now been promoted to the Commanding Officer of the 501st Legion, He shall serve the Emperor and the Empire, while wailing Imperial propaganda and shouting glorious orders to his men he has also a itchy throat for screaming all the time, but that does not stop him from the frontline's.



Lieutenant CT-2240 "Das" | 501st Legion, Vader's Fist

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