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Cancelling My Gateway Subscription

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Yeah so I gotta prioritise life. I’m in year 12 and got other priorities that need to be placed above Gateway. There’ll be someone else whose cool enough to replace me. I’m thinking Alex. I thought about staying as em for a bit, but rather just cut myself off completely from Imperial instead of deciding I’ll play again. Me leaving is out of nothing but my own selfish self interest, all you Imperial fellas are great and have equally good rp. I’m sure I’ll be back, but today is not that day. My greatest gift to the community is I now leave 4-LOM an open slot, so you rats can fight for it. My Discord is now free from hourly regimental pings.

@Deadly if you ever see this ❤️

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Cya later Santa, thanks for the hard work and dedication you've put towards running events, and assisting wherever you can. Hope to see you around 🙂

Good luck with year 12 my dude 

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Goodbye Santa,
For the last 4 years I've known you it has been nothing but a pleasure, you're always welcome back and will forever hold a spot in my heart!! I love you 💝 
P.S Deadly is dead man, no longer will we hear him talk into his shit quality mic 😞

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Just made a Forums account to say this but about a month ago i met you and fey both and you treated everyone with kindness and respect that i wish i had you helped from being dogshit at climbswep to being moderate and for that i thank you and for everything you have done to and for Gateway Gaming i appreciate it all. I wish you in all your endeavours and i hope you well in year 12 my g see ya around 


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