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# ... Entering alias

# ... Alias accepted

# ... Enter secret

# ... Secret enabled

# ... Access granted to clone database




Full Name: Abdula Prawn

Known Alias’/Nicknames: [N/A]

Previous Occupation: [N/A]

Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Known Languages: Galactic Basic

Hobbies: Meditation, Playing Games, Sports, Jedi Training/Schooling and being outside.

Alignment: The Republic and The Jedi Order




Mental State: Stable

Mental Disabilities: Autism Disorder

Likes (optional): Camping, nature, exercise, schooling and learning about Jedi History.

Dislikes (optional): Slavery, Corruption.




Physical State: Decent

Age: 15

Weight: 92kg

Build: Average.

Disabilities: (None)




Rank: Padawan

Master (previous): General Skyda

Lightsaber details: Personal made lightsaber, made with scrapped components, 1 blade and has blue crystal inside to power the lightsaber.

Combat style: Form I: Shii-cho



He was collected as a youngling from a planet that was filled with corruption, the government of that planet has hatred towards the Jedi Order and The Republic. they committed slavery and tortured his people. His parents was killed during the execution for rebelling against the government, there was no freedom and happiness, only trapped and forgotten in that wrecked place.


He was assigned as a Jedi Initiate, he was introduced to the Jedi council, known as Abdula Prawn. He went through some meditations with his master "Skyda", it helped him solve his issues and forgot the dark past that happened on his planet, after his meditation he has made lots of friends during his time as a initiate, spending time with them, playing sports out from the park, duelling and learning along the way.


They have grown up, making great progress along the way, they are known as Jedi Padawan's. Abdula Prawn made himself a worthy student to the Jedi Order. He has changed a lot during his dark times as a youngling, now he forgotten the past and moved on, thanks to the meditation lesson that he participated in as a jedi initiate. He has gotten his very own lightsaber that he constructed with scrap components and gotten himself a blue crystal.




Dead| Parents     Hatred | Corrupted Government     Untrusted | Navy     Friend |      Best Friend |     

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This is a very nice bio @Nukaru_X!, keep it up man 👍🏼

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