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Ryser Ban Appeal

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Your In-game Name: I dont know 

Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ryser903/

Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:1:118231499


Who banned you?  Ordo Skirita 

Length of the ban? permanent 

Reason of the ban? fail rp, nitrp, abusive to discord/server staff, stay banned 

Why should we unban you? I feel that i have grown since i last played and have a new computer now that makes me want to get back into roleplaying on this server because i have consistent fps and more will to roleplay. I am sorry for my previous actions I have grown up since then. I tried to appeal a while ago and they told me to wait a month before retrying and it has been more than a month. I ask for your forgiveness I want to play with my friend. 

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Posted (edited)

Before I can have my opinion on this I would like to hear what actions you actually made that caused the ban, rather than just the reasons. Being abusive to staff is never a good one to see as they spend countless hours of their own time to make our experience as good as it can be. I also believe most people deserve a second chance but that depends on the severity of the original situation.

(Edited after Cryo's statement)

Like stated above I believe most people deserve a second chance and that applies to you, so its a +1 from me and I wish you all the best for your future on the server if this application is accepted.

Edited by Sands
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(( Editing this comment as I just had a check on the info for myself. ))
Seems like you had a ban previous to this one you're appealing that involved some similar issues, obviously you continued said issues shortly after your initial two week ban and then received the perm.

It's been a good ~7 months since your last unban request was denied so it's not impossible that you've "grown" since then, but you used the exact same phrase in your other post from September last year so it's hard to say if it's actually the truth.

We're a community of second chances and I think it's been long enough that you deserve another try, but keep in mind that if unbanned, you'll be watched closely upon your return and punished severely should you continue the behaviour that got you banned in the first place.

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Sorry for the wait.
Was just about to respond to this today.

Make sure you aren't caught with any other warnings. Otherwise a permanent ban will be reinstated.

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