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J'hakes Bio (Human

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Full Name: Jhake

Known Alias’/Nicknames: J

Previous Occupation: N/A

Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan/Guardian 

Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Wookie 

Hobbies: Practicing lightsaber skill's, Flying, Duelling 

Alignment: GAR, Jedi Order





Mental State: Stable

Mental Disabilities: None 

Likes: Food/Cooking, Good Clone troopers, 917th, Hand to hand combat

Dislikes: Unloyalw clone troopers, people who are lazy, people who abuse power.

Personality: Funny, Kind, caring, Serious when needed




Physical State: Fit and Tall

Age: 18

Weight: 110 Kg

Build: Tall and Fit

Disabilities: None

Appearance: white male with long hair and a beard





Rank: Padawan

Master (current or previous): Senior General Kaid Zetsu (previous) 

Lightsaber details: saber pike with blue crystal

Combat style: form 5




Padawan Jhake was born on coruscant, He was quickly identified as force sensitive by the Jedi order, When Jhake was 4 years old he was taken to the Jedi temple by Master Zetsu and began his training to become and a Jedi. After passing his gathering he became a Jedi guardian and Master Zetsu became his master and began his journey to become a Knight of the Jedi order, During his time as a padawan he gained a liking for the GAR clone troopers especially the 917th Medical Legion,  Jhake Helped these troopers with some mission with a previous master. During his time in the order he made a good friend Padawan Rix They both started there training around the same time and got a long really well. Jhake trained in form 5 taught my Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker, He chose this form because of his size and strength. Jhake was a lot taller and stronger than the other padawan's which gave him an advantage over them in duelling and hand to hand combat, He could use his power to overwhelm the other force user in duel. Jhake takes pride on making sure his lightsaber is the best and his skills are top notch. Jhake also loves to fly his delta 7 and dog fight with RSC. Jhake Had a certain experience with one 501st commander Colonel Sparks, He was an abused his power and didn't do anything for the regiment itself. Overall Jhake is still young and has a lot more experience to gain over the years.



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