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Giuseppe De Rosso

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\\ Accessing Imperial Database //


\\ Please insert Login Details //

\\  User: user | Password: ****** //


\\ Access Granted //

\\ Welcome user //

\\ Search ID: ##### // 


\\ "______" found //

\\ Accessing files //



Full Name: Giuseppe De Rosso

Known Alias’/Nicknames: No known Aliases

Previous Occupation: 501st Battalion Frontline Trooper & Naval Crewman

Current Occupation: Commanding Officer of the 7th Fleet

Known Languages: Basic, Huttese & Gand

Hobbies: Spreadsheets, Documentation and Space Travel

Alignment: Loyal to the Empire and his greatness, Emperor Sheev Palpatine.




Mental State: Stable, firm and patient until pushed too far.

Mental Disabilities: Maybe if he keeps having to deal with whinging

Likes: Organisation

Dislikes: Dishonourable behaviour and being ignored.




Physical State: Able-bodied, field skills there but unrefined.

Age: 35

Weight: 82kg

Build: Lean

Disabilities: N/A




Born and raised on the streets of Corellia, De Rosso was conditioned not to take an ounce from anyone. The son of a well respected Imperial General, he grew up bred for battle against the Rebellion. But due to his father's untimely death on Jedha, Giuseppe had big shoes to fill and a stoic reputation to uphold. He joined the Imperial Navy, trained at the Imperial Academy on Corellia and worked his way up the ranks, proving that he could do everything that his father could. He soon found that he was not as physically gifted as his old man, and took a liking to a more passive, organisational and commanding approach to his role within the Empire, and took a fresh start within the Imperial Navy. Given his existing status, he rose up the ranks quite quickly and serving in the footsteps of Admiral Thrawn, gathered a great appreciation for strategy, art and logistics. He is a firm leader, but always patient and compassionate, as he knows what it is like to lose. 


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