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Dory's Ban Appeal - Part 3

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Gateway Gaming Clone Wars RP | Unban Appeal Template


Use the template below or your appeal will be void.


Your In-game Name: TK-**** Dory

Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198869812299/

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:454773285


Who banned you? - Jerry Clarkson 

Length of the ban? - I was told 3 days, reads 10 days. 



I made a ban appeal last night as some people reading this will know, see below the attached appeal. To say the very least, I was extremely disappointed with the response I received from a current administrator (who won't be named). Who with all due respect seemed to know little to nothing about Christianity as a religious belief during the 21th Century, along with the story that the reason I stopped using discord was because I couldn't block people. Which was wrong. The actual reason being it distracted me immensely from work and studies. And the other, a head administrator for the lack luster response that did not go into as much detail as a prepared. Initially it was okay, maybe Rippa just couldn't mention the actual process due to gateway staff policy. Is still yet to respond in a private message on the matter.


As the responses came onto my post, it was clear that the attention was targeted on my choice not to use discord, and that it was believed I was being a troll. All of which is incorrect, as I am taking this seriously. Something I thought these responses would prove.


Resulting from what I've mentioned above, I am requesting another evaluation of my application, and I proper response detailing the process that reviews my application. Because the one I received was inadequate when confronting my points - which I believe the staff team are wrong.


Besides from that, everything below still stands and I hope this situation can be sorted with accordingly.  



I would appreciate it if this ban appeal could be taken seriously, or alternatively managed over my messages on this forum website. I've provided the reasons why I believe my ban should be shortened, and I'm simply asking that this be accepted, or that the reasoning for my denial being explained. If you further continue to move this appeal into resolved without any comments at all. You are not only not being fair, but not showing the same respect I am offering and still going to display. 


So please, if you are going to persist in moving my appeal into resolved - whoever you are. Please contact me privately in my messages. This is not another-reupload, I have written up to 400 words extra, while no one has even written a single word. Please re-consider your position and provide a proper evaluation so this situation can be dealt with and concluded on a reliable note.


Previous Ban Appeal: Read this for context surrounding the situation

Hi, I'm Liam. I was just banned on the imperialrp server, and because I don't use any social media platforms besides from instagram to communicate with my family, I don't exactly know where to go. It does mention I should speak with the head admin - however I don't have anyway to do so. I caught a glimpse of the reason for my ban, and it was multiple warnings, nitrp and minging if I remember correctly. 


Before I continue conversing, I should state the explanation and events that eventually led to my ban tonight. It started when earlier this evening I chucked around three or four grenades into the naval center during a CO (Commanding Officer) meeting, which moved afterwards into a recess. After the ordeal I was bought to my bunks by Fey who enlightened to me a speech regarding the topic of kit abuse, minging and nitrp (No Intent To Role Play). All of which I was warned for later in one consecutive log, and to which I swore I wouldn't continue to manifest throughout my actions for the rest of the night. Fey discussed with me that this is a in character warning, and that next time it would be a staff issue - something I took seriously and to my account, never repeated. 


Following this, around five to 10 minutes later I was pulled into a administrative situation. I can't remember who the staff member was - however it was regarding my abuse earlier that I was told had already been sorted with. To say the least, I was shocked. Shocked that I was warned decently long after a situation had already been sorted out. But I remained respectful, took the warning well and continued on following everything I had been instructed to do. Continuing on was a short scuffle with a death trooper who said if I had no business on the second floor, I should leave. Whether he was joking or not, I and another acquaintance found hard to interpret. Finally ending with a warn to my logs due to a remark made in communications that I believe followed this structure: "[>Jerry] Besides from one of the death troopers being a homosexual - defective. I would like to ask some questions about the rules."


You see; up to this point I had repeatedly seen the rules be changed and changed for different and similar people to me. Whether it be jumping off the railings, or being banned. And in this situation that followed, I was banned for 10 days. After being told it would be 3 days, after seeing the rules being changed to avoid certain people receiving no punishment, and an inability to apply reasonable and throughout punishments, I was told I need this time to cool off.


I could go on, and on about how society is today. How my remark was fair in treating homosexual people as equal and how I was just trying to play correctly. I have no ill will against the staff, and no ill willing against homosexuals. I myself dated another man earlier in my life! But mostly personal information aside, here is what I'm asking for:


1. My ban reduced to 1 day - Or at least 3 days

Why? I was initially told I would be banned for 3 days, and the period would be for me to have time to 'cool off'. The decisions was made quickly and there might've been a mistake here


2. Closer considerations of the rules and process undergone in administration situations

Why? My previous warns counting RDM that were actually false and/or logged a week ago contributed to my ban. I believe this is unfair, and also the stance that anything I staff member has made a decision on is final and well-thought. The staff's word, not mine.


3. Discussion on the forum here

Why? I've stopped using discord, never used teamspeak and can't provide my personal instagram.


Thank you for anyone taking the time to read and review this application. I hope that the same applies for the staff that go over this application. 

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You have not been told that you can reapply your ban, stop posting an appeal and wait the week out.

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