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New Slot Restriction Rules

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Hello there

In response to recent feedback from many members of the community, a set of rules restricting the amount of responsibility taken up by each individual player has been established. The restrictions are in favour for pushing players with responsibilities to dedicate their full efforts to that role and thus increase the quality experience for those they lead. 

The restrictions are as follows:

Each player may only hold 1 position of high responsibility regardless of how many slots they have. These positions include
- Regiment CO
- Regimental 2ic
- Sub-Company CO
- RC Squad Lead
- Jedi Council
- Republic High Command

These rules are effective immediately, and can be found in the Clone Wars RP - Server Rules & Guidelines for future reference. 

Any one who already holds multiple of these positions will not be forcefully removed as this would cause a large and sudden disruption to many regiments and squads.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself as RHC - Sgt.Stingel#4720 or if your Jedi feel free to contact Truce or Grif as high council. 

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