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Join the Empire today!

Greetings all,

Gateway Gaming is welcoming all players old or new to join, engage, and have some fun on our Imperial Roleplay Server. There is a multitude of things to do whilst playing Imperial RP and lots to keep you engaged during intermission between events. With a large variety of roles to choose from there is something for every Starwars Fan to play from the severity of COMPNOR investigations, to the thrill of fighting along side Darth Vader in the battlefield in 501st/Vaders Fist. As for Inquisitors there is a whole different aspect and game style to play and enjoy. Anyway I want to outline a few things Imperial has to offer so that the average player can get a bit of an understanding what is expected when they join.

Imperial RP Focuses Heavily on Roleplay. With multiple Passive RP scenarios happening on the server there is generally something to get involved in. Some regiments Prioritize Roleplay and the better you are at RP the further you will go.

Imperial RP has a handful of Security Regiments all evolving around specific security details whilst Shock Remains at the core. From Guarding Navy personal, assets and areas as Chimera Squad, to Enforcing the law on citizens of Vardos as Shock there is lots to guard, and lots to enforce, now with a ticketing system you can also reap 60% of the credits retrieved. 

Economy and Currency.
With credits being introduced to the server there is a large Demand for accumulating as many as you can. Imperial Credits are used to interact in most Roleplay scenarios and you can go as far as Buying yourself and your regiment a Spaceport, or warehouse given you pay the right price.

With imperial Navy being one of the most feared Navies in all of the galaxy you can be a true pioneer and Lead the exploration in the outer rim as you commandeer one of the strongest ISD fleets whilst manning the helm of the ISD Chimera. Revel in the marvels of Navy whilst you Work Directly along side Admiral Thrawn.

Military roles offer a wide range of opportunities from manning the frontlines as 501st, working in a specialized unit of elitist like S.C.A.R, or keeping all Imperial personal in good health as a 16th Medical Trooper.

There is so much more I have not said, but I feel the server is shedding its skin and I encourage everyone to be apart of the new beast that emerges. Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you in-game. 

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.

As the Poster says if the headgear fits then wear it, Join the Empire today and fight to eradicate Rebel Terrorist.


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Excited to see some new faces around!

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Come one, come all. Join the Empire guys its really cool 

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