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Tango - IMP: Trial Event Master Application

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  • Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed?

  • Are you willing to test your stress?

  • What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.)

  • List your current playtime:

  • Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations?

  • Do you have any active warns?

  • Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members?

  • Steam ID:

  • Steam Profile Link:

  • Current in-game alias/rank:

    T-2 Mango (Flight Chief)
  • Previous Notable Names/Ranks/Positions

    On CW I was an EM for 6 Months, i was also the CO of 917th Medical division and reached the rank of Marshall Commander. FYI My play time on the CW server is above 1000 hours, roughly.
  • How known are you on a scale of 1-10?

  • How will you bring new and creative event ideas to the server?:

    As and Ex EM to CW i understand the need for quality event and the need for more EM's. As of right now there aren't many EM's available so i wish to help, I found many people enjoyed my events, I am creative and i am able to take old ideas and make them feel fresh and new.
  • Have you participated in many of our Events?:

    On Imperial i have done quiet a few, but on Clone Wars GG i have spent roughly 2 years playing there events as a player, EC and a EM.
  • Are you familiar with Gmod's wide range of NPC tools? (Provide examples):

    Yes, i know there are many tools within Gmod that allow for fine control of your NPC's.
    1. An important one is No-Target as it is what helps your EC's during events and saves them from the NPC's Fire.
    2. NPC Weapon Override, allows you to change the weapons used by selected NPCs
  • Name 3 tools that are at an Event Masters disposal within events and leave a small comment detailing each of their uses:

    1. Advance Duplicator, Probably one of the most important tools to an EM, allowing them to save built creations and spawn them in seconds.
    2. Teleporter, helps keep the players happy and allows the flow of the event to continue by placing a teleporter from one are to another.
    3. Ship Destruction, at the climax of an event you need to finish it off with a bang, besides H-bombs, this tools allows any prop to be blown up while removing it in a stylish manner.
  • Are you aware of how much a Gmod server can take or how unstable Gmod truly is?:

    All to well, servers can be great or they can be painful. Not only do numbers and props affect the play-ability of a event but the map choice plays a large part in this as well. Its a fine balancing act with Props, players, entities and maps.
  • Do you understand that you are not allowed to use your staff rank's powers outside of events? Provide 3 examples detailing different situations that would be considered abuse:

    1. Using admin powers to give yourself weapons or health that give you a boost in a event in which you don't run.
    2. Giving other players these items and allowing them to run free.
    3. Giving tools, while in cases where there are a lack of mods or you are a senior EM a EM should not be giving out tools and should leave it to the other members of staff.
  • Do you have any event experience? e.g. played a key character in an event before:

    I have a lot of experience with events, as stated earlier i have been EC's in events and was a EM for a period of time, in which i gained a lot of knowledge and know-how for events.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how much knowledge of the Imperial Era do you have?

  • On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with ulx commands?

  • Make a comment regarding the recent events on our server and how they have inspired you to become an event master:

    I noticed and heard that there are a lack of event masters at this time which is putting strain on the EM's. Also the idea of imperial RP has always interested me. I also miss doing events.
  • Do you understand that most events rely mainly on improvisation and mainly nothing goes to plan (ever)?

    Yes, I have had my fair share of experiences, even taking over some other EM's event mid event.
  • How confident are you in providing briefings, debriefings, and in ensuring you're able to direct players throughout your events?

    Very confident, i am not shy so i'll be able to talk to a group, plus i am a clear speaker and will be able to express my thoughts/orders clearly to the server.
  • An event doesn't go to plan and Kanan Jarrus is crushed by an elevator. Players are laughing at you. What do you do?

    Calm say he attempted to escape via the Vent shafts, TP him to a new spot, give him the health needed and then announce where the vents would roughly lead.
  • A user is bad mouthing your events. How do you react?

    Any feedback is worth it, weather good or bad so ask for more details on how you could improve it. However if they are using inappropriate language then alert staff as that is unacceptable.
  • You have to go AFK in the middle of an event you are running and there are no backups available. What should you have done to avoid this?

    Should have checked my own timetable to make sure i could accommodate for the event, also if there was a chance i had to go AFK i should have alerted a staff member before the event, preferably an EM.
  • Players and a few staff members are complaining about the amount of lag they're dealing with during your event. How do you resolve this?

    First is to clear entities, also remove unnecessary props from the map such a decoration props and props that are no longer in use for the event.
  • To conclude your app. you are required to create and design your own event. This includes planets, maps and stage actions. Include lots of detail in your event design. You are required to involve PassiveRP elements.

    Map: gm_buttes
    Event Title: Hiding in plain sight

    Summary: Reports of locals affiliating with rebels and giving them aid. Players must investigate the local town and "Interview" Them on the whereabouts of these rebels. After a while a communication is sent out to the rebel fleet and they arrive to ambush the imperial forces, with no way out the players must combat the rebels with limited vehicles and numbers and take over the comms array, wait for reinforcements to arrive. Once reinforcements have arrived players will be tasked to hunt down the enemy commander to gather information about the planned ambush and any other information that may prove useful.

    Rough step by Step:
    1. Deployed to investigate.
    2. Interview members of the village, interrogation will be allowed.
    3. The communications array used by the town will emit a signal to the rebel fleet, ambush starts.
    4. Players hold off attack from a secure position, will be determined depending on full layout.
    5. Troops will aim to retake the communications array as it is jamming communications, use it to boost our own comms to get support.
    6. Support arrives, fight back the rebels.
    7. Small force like IC or ARC will be sent to capture the commander while the rest deal with the left overs.

    Will need a few but probably no more then 5.
    1x Rebel Commander.
    1x Rebel (Most likely a sniper to give more depth to the event)
    3x Intractable Locals (Will be interrogated and questioned)

    NPC Use:
    Basic rebel NPC's, as i don't know the NPC's used on this server to well this area is subject to change but there will be a large amount as it is a ambush and the enemy is meant to be prepared for this attack.

    Basic Huts will be used, building props and such with tents. A comms building will be located at the centre of the main town. Some decoration props will be used but limited as to reduce lag.

    This event is easy to change in terms of number of people on the event as i can increase or decrease amount of props and NPC's as they are not vital to reduce lag.
    Also the interrogation and questioning aspect includes troops searching for clues of rebels, this will tick the passive RP box.

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