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Padawan Connix Burra (Vanders) Jedi Bio

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Full Name: Connix Burra

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Connix

Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling 

Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Known Languages: Torgruti, English

Hobbies: Reading, Duelling and Meditating  

Alignment: Jedi Order





Mental State: Stable

Mental Disabilities: None

Likes: Reading, Duelling and Meditating

Dislikes: Being alone and quiet

Personality: Friendly and respectable




Physical State: Fit

Age: 16

Weight: 67kg 

Build: Muscular 

Disabilities: None 


See the source image



Rank: Padawan

Master (current or previous): Jedi Knight Skye Ramsay

Lightsaber details: Black long hilt with a red emitter

Combat style: Uses 2 forms these are Form 3 - Soresu for field work and form 4 - Ataru for duelling 




When the young Togruta boy Connix Burra was 6 years old he was discovered by the Jedi Order. It was years before the Clone Wars and it was the time where gangs of pirates would try to take over farms on planets, this problem grew so big on the planet Shili that Jedi assistance was required. 

One unusually Smokey morning young Connix crawled out of bed to see what sound has awoken him from his slumber, as he walked to his door he saw nothing but smoke that was coloured orange from the fires surrounding his home. As he stepped down his front steps he saw his mother running towards him as he went to ask his mother what was wrong she dropped, she had been shot and also emerging from the smoke behind her a large party of pirates. Connix felt the anger inside him swell as he ran to his dead mother, he sat by her as the pirates came ever closer as they approached and saw Connix one yelled "looks like we got ourselves a slave boys" they all laughed as they surrounded. He watched as one walked up to him with binders and just behind the pirates shoulder he saw a light bouncing around coming towards them. But that's all he remembers because as the pirate touched Connix to put the binders on he let out a massive howl letting out his anger, pain, sadness and the force within him. As Connix blacked out he shot all the pirates back and a young Twi'lek Padawan backwards, as the Padawan got up she stumbled towards the centre of the outburst shocked to discover that it was a boy she lifted him and carried in back within the smoke.

As Connix awoke he discovered he was no longer in his house or even in a hospital on Shili, he quickly sat up seeing a young Twi'lek girl beaming at him "where am I" said Connix, "on a Jedi transport" replied the girl "my names Skye and I'm a Jedi padawan" she continued still smiling "why am I here" replied Connix "well... you used the force and took out the pirates, you nearly took me out as well" replied Skye "I then carried you all the way to my master and he told me to bring you with us" she said. "Where are we going exactly" quickly replied Connix "we're going to coruscant... to the Jedi temple" Skye replied with, Connix put his head back and didn't say anthing for the rest of the trip.

Many years Connix was trained as a youngling learning the ways of the Jedi and finally when at the beginning of the clone wars the Jedi who discovered him became a Jedi Knight and selected him to become her Padawan.




Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |

Inglis Burra (Mother) - Dead

Jedi Knight Skye Ramsay (Master) - Friend

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