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Uncanny's Character Biography

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Full Name: Uncanny Zi

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Uncanny

Previous Occupation: Galma Market seller

Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Known Languages: Galactic Basic, (poor) Rodian

Hobbies: Meditation, Study on the use of the force

Alignment: Jedi Order




Mental State: Stable

Mental Disabilities: Anxiety

Likes (optional): Improving in skill, learning more

Dislikes (optional): Humans




Physical State: Exremely healthy

Age: 18

Weight: 85kg

Build:  Athletic

Disabilities: N/A 

Appearance: Tall, scarred





Rank: Padawan

Master (current or previous): N/A

Lightsaber details: A black long hilt with a blue crystal

Combat style: Shii Cho




A Human named Uncanny Zi was born 18years ago on the planet Rodia. His human parents poor, and seeking wealth, sold him off to pirates as a slave. The child was able to escape the pirates custody one night, setting the young boy free and alone. Uncanny was left for several days with no sense of direction or food and water after running non stop. A Young Rodian couple saw the boy in the rain seemed to be dead, they rushed to his aid and took him home. Later discovering he was still alive, and strong enough to recover with the help of the couple.  They then took on the task of taking care of the boy, to aid his recovery. As the boy grew older, he began to realise there was something different between him and the other children. Being able to move objects when angry and at times feel the energy around him. Uncanny hated his parents and was ashamed to be apart of the human race, he had seen how much love the Rodian couple had given him despite Uncanny not being their real son. One night he had a breakdown, causing him to cut his face in attempts to change his appearance. He couldn't bare looking anything like his parents, Luckily the Rodian father in care of Uncanny stopped him from doing further damage.  

5 years later 

Uncanny and his Rodian parents are working together on growing some fruits in hope to one day earn money from selling it. They tried multiple products such as eel, ale and even wine. But the only fruit that they could grow well was Galma. Galma then became what this family was known for. Uncanny was able to transport the fruits using the force into the baskets, he learned this by realising if he focused really hard on what he wanted to move, he was able to do it. This took many years and alot of failure. He had kept this a secret from his parents and everyone around him, only using these abilities when alone.

Another 5 years later 

Uncanny's adopted Mother and Father had let him take over the business, as it is now in a market instead of on the street. He worked everyday non stop to make a living for his parents in a way he felt was payback for everything they had done. He wears a hood to hide that he is human as he doesn't want to be associated as one from anyone.  

Some time later 

Uncanny was then picked up by the Jedi Order, being trained as a youngling to further understand and greater his abilities. He then was promoted to Padawan, then having Obi-Wan Kenobi taking him in as his own padawan. The Jedi Order came to Uncanny in the first place on Rodia discovering him by feeling some sort of force sensitivity on a search to find force sensitive children. Young Uncanny was then spoken to and had heard the legends, he was more than happy to join the order as it would help him discover who he can really be.



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