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Acks out of here

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Not one to do much on the forums but decided to do one final post.

On the 30/06/19 I joined some random starwars RP server called gateway gaming, I was told almost instantly after training that I should go tryout for this thing called 7th Sky Corps. Some how I managed to get in, and now after 18 months I'm finally leaving both the server and 7th.
06/07/19 - 09/02/20 7th ARF trooper, 09/02/20 - 11/04/20 Cody,  13/06/20 - 02/01/21 7th Beta ARC,     and a 7th core trooper the times in between.

Just got a few people to thank
@Mconnell Thanks for sticking around since I was Cody, also get a mic.

@Tango Haven't talked to you much recently but thanks for the good times in ARF together.

@Strac Thanks for giving me your model and also the many things we got up to together. Especially the burnt pizza.

@Jesse My first CO, and thanks for inspiring me to get PAC3.

@Thunder/Dallas Thanks for the great times when you were in 7th and after.

@Aldis Great bedwars teammate, we should play together again some time, also made some great memes.

@Blaze8901 Thanks for setting up that realm a while back, we didn't get very far but it was tons of fun.

@Dracion haven't seen you around for a bit but thanks for being a great guy.

Every Cody -2 that I was in the reg with, Thanks for being great CO's and a ton of fun to play with. Except those 2 that joined the reg changed everything then left within the week, you were trash.

To everyone that joined 7th in those 18months I was there, Thanks for being there.

Cya everyone,

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