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Loki Ryder

Polo Omara's Jedi Sheet

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Full Name: Polo Omara

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Loki

Previous Occupation: Unknown

Current Occupation: The Jedi Order

Known Languages: Galactic Basic

Hobbies: Leaping courses and Meditation

Alignment: The Republic





Mental State: Stable

Mental Disabilities: Anxiety

Likes: Dueling

Dislikes: Boredom

Personality: Unique




Physical State: Solid

Age: 18

Weight: N/A

Build: Strong

Disabilities: None

Appearance: Human





Rank: Padawan

Master (current or previous): Zaphod

Lightsaber details: Yellow Lightsaber with detailed hilt based on the Sentinel Path

Combat style: Mix between passive and aggressive! I play mostly with Form 1





Polo Omara was raised on the planet of Naboo with a family that was completely against CIS. He was raised in a small City called Theed. His race is Human and His family’s job was to harvest the wheat and other plants outside their village. Polo's family had three people, his mum, his father and himself. His brother left to fight for the republic and never made it back, some say he died in war but he still believes that his brother is still out there and that he will meet him someday.  He now focuses on the connection between him and the force. He loved his brother so much he would farm his wheat for him almost every day, it was a tragedy for Polo when he left. So, there were multiple feelings he had gained afterwards that allowed the mind to be clouded with thoughts.

In the clumsy life of Omara's family, they got swept away in a water fall before an accidental trip soon to realise it was young Master Windu himself who had just saved them from being poisoned by a deadly snake on the shore. Polo hugely admired Windu and wanted to be just like him. After this event Polo, Mace and the family went back to his village talking about Polo wanting to become a knight in the Jedi. Windu must of sensed the capabilities as a padawan and he agreed being a possibility near the future. So, he continues to keep improving anxiously by consistently doing hard work on various things to become eligible for knight. 

His fighting style only stays with Form 1 but wishes to change that soon. Polo is alright in parrying attacks and being passive. And, is always anxious and scared of being hurt or injured, so he always on high alert. So, whilst the family is not rich he hopes one day he can be a great person and show his family his achievements some day. Polo is still looking to improve on the various skills developed as a jedi, such as skillful leaping, dueling and regulating negative emotion. He's made many friends since joining the Jedi order such as Master Tyberius and Commander Zaphod. Polo is working his hardest to advance in the jedi order up as tries to be a persistent human.

But, Initially there was a path to take as a Sentinel, which Polo had led towards with having a yellow lightsaber. The hilt that was crafted by him was based on visualizing texture on the grab based on a pattern. He aimed to practice more types to styles such as a form 6 that had wider swings. Polo has always tried to become the best whilst there were some human flaws. So, during Naboo there has always have been one Jedi who is unique. 



Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend 

Hatred: Trandoshians

Liked: Coruscant Guard

Friend: Bread


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