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Kruger (Smooth)

Mission Report: Operation Falling Star

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Terminal Login:


# ... Entering Kaminoan numerical identifier ... #


Fleet Admiral ‘01/1201’


# ... Identifier accepted ... #


# ... Enter alias ... #


"Admiral Rambo - Taskforce Gateway"


# ... Alias accepted ... #


# ... Input clearance code and secret ... #


# ... Terminal Accessed ... #


# … {REDACTED} access required … #


# ... Access granted to “Falling Star” database ... #


# … Terminal Processes Hidden as per code <KRGR-2314> … #


Operation Falling Star

Mission Briefing

Briefing for Operation Falling Star can be accessed via [REDACTED]. Requires direct authorisation from protocol <KRGR-2314>.

Mission Report

Preliminary Report for Deployment #987

[AUDIO] WF-03/2314 "Kruger" can be heard discussing with CT-6611 "Stingel" the preliminary report of the core mission. Authorisation Code <RMBO-1201>. Word from Commander has come in. Both for myself and the squad as well as you and your platoons. For this particular mission, we will both take point to command each others forces and work together once more. We are headed down to the arid moon of Olde Prime 2 to liberate a trade route access and gain a smoother trading transition through the corellian run. For this mission you'll be assigned platoon 3, consisting of our core troopers as well as an array of heavyily weaponised grenadiers. You and your troopers will push from the western front and lay seige to the CIS outpost controlling the air space.

Once your team successfuly interupts the anti-air cannons and take control of the CIS outpost, HSC will move in to start clearing the skies and diminishing the blockade. Myself and my squadron of Windu's Fist will be working with Commander Rambo to assist in any case we can. For this particular mission, i believe we will be situated more in the skies than on foot but will still aid the best we can. Finally, after RSC can tear through the initial naval forces, our fleet lead by Admiral Killian will intervene and should be capable of annihilating the rest of their naval forces. 

Should be a simple mission so get your troopers ready for deployment at 1700 hours. [AUDIO END]

End of preliminary report. Authorisation code <RMBO-1201>

Mission Labled: Deployment #987 Liberation of Olde Prime Trade Routes.


End of Data on Deployment #987 - Continuing Mission Report [Operation Falling Star]


Mission Deployment

Attached in audio from Commander Rambo to Kruger as Deployment #987 draws to an end. This audio file can only be accessed with direct authority from protocol <KRGR-2314> which remains a cleansing protocol to keep distinguished data out of Republic databases. 


[AUDIO] Rambo appears on Kruger's hololink to address his true mission. Authorisation Code <KRGR-2314>. All data from this point hidden from Republic Databases under the Falling Star act. 

Kruger, it is time for Operation Falling Star to take place. You know the drill. You need to board up on one of those last Municifent class cruisers and allow your squad to run their textbook approach. Once charges are set, instruct your squad to depart prematurely and create reason as to why you cannot leave. Once they are safely returned to the ground, I will personally detonate the ship around you whilst leaving the maintenance hall unchecked. General Windu will retrieve you once you plant your armour to stage the rest of your death. It's been an honour serving with your brother. Good luck, Fallen Star

[AUDIO END] Kruger's Hololink flickers and shuts off. 

Kruger begins audio communications to his team. [AUDIO] Snow, Lead, on me, now. That Muni is creating issues for the RSC and we need to take it out or risk losing our initial naval forces. I've called in for Flyby to run a paradrop for us onto that ship. Arm your blasters ready for the initial drop in.

The Windu's Fist are dropped into the open hangar of the Municifent. They successfully compromise the hyena class bombers and take out initial guarding forces. They swiftly make their move to the reactor chambers

[Snow]: Reactor room cleared, planting charges now. I'll head up into the rafters and set charges on the cooling valves.

Great work fellas. That's it for now. Use your jetpacks and get back to the surface of the moon. I will finish the work up topside. 

[Lead]: Sir, with all due respect, we work as a team here and we aren't going to just abandon you on a seppy cruiser. 

Lead, i will not repeat myself again. Get your arse back down on the surface. We work as a squad yes but this is my squad and you will obey your commanding officer. Now the both of you get out of here and provide Stingel with backup to hold out the CIS ground reinforcements. 

[Lead/Snow]: Copy. Enroute to surface.


As the other Windu's Fist return to the surface, Kruger begins to reroute their detonators to a disguised signal from Commander Rambo, allowing remote detonation from the Commander. Once the signal is rerouted, Kruger strips his armor plating and discards it in the reactor room for his squad to find. As he escapes to the maintenance room, he begins to send his last few transmissions to his squad below. 


Brothers, the remote detonator is <REMOVED FOR COURSE LANGUAGE>. 

[Lead]: Dont do nothing stupid Commander! I'm sure RSC can just deal with it get yourself out of there!

Apologies gentlemen, but i cant do that. If this Muni doesn't go down the remaining RSC forces will be overun and the taskforce will suffer a much greater loss. It's been an honour working with you gentlemen, think of me while you watch the fireworks. 


As the rest of the 187th watch as the Municifent is destroyed from the inside with Kruger still onboard, Kruger finishes closing himself in a secured room outside of harm. Kruger blacks out upon impact to the ground. Once Kruger comes to, a transmission is received from General Windu

[AUDIO] Transmission from General Windu. Authorisation Code <KRGR-2314>. All data from this point hidden from Republic Databases under the Falling Star act. 

Kruger. Mission was a success. Your squad searched through the rubbles and found the remains of your armour and have assumed you deceased. Welcome to your new position, Fallen Star. I have extracted you and placed you in an establishment bathroom in the underworld of coruscant. You must begin your work with haste agent. We must find who plots against the Republic and is tearing us apart from the inside. Good luck. 

[AUDIO ENDS] Audio is wiped clean and all evidence of existance is removed through protocol <KRGR-2314>


Mission Debriefing of Deployment #987
Mission Name altered: A Tragedy Amonst Tyrants

[AUDIO] Commander Rambo addressing the 187th and remains of Windu's Fist of the death of his successor. Authorisation Code <RMBO-1201>

Trooper it is with a heavy heart i address the many losses within our legion from the past deployment. We accept the deaths of our own and look ahead to make their sacrifice worth while. Their deaths will forever be part of 187th legend and will all the lives of our men shall inspire us to fight harder. Most unfortunately however, amongst the deceased is the presumes death of WF-03/2314 or as you all know him, Battallion Commander Kruger. Kruger was a legend in our ranks and my trusted successor shall I have suffered his fate. We remember the efforts of our proud leader of the Windu's Fist as a mentor and friend to many. I invite General Windu to say a few words on the matter. 

[Windu]: A great soldier among our ranks but more importantly, a friend to us all. Amongst our ranks, Kruger was a tyrant and a true legend in what makes a 187th trooper great. Kruger was a mentor to us all and it is with a heavy heart is must say, goodbye old friend. 

Thankyou, General. Now despite a body could not be found due to the incinerations, the rest of Kruger's armour was found in the remnance of the crash. A ceramony will take place to burn this armour and pay our respects to the fallen soldier. I ask you all attend, however, if this is too much for some it is understandable *Rambo looks towards Lead and Snow*. Thankyou troopers for your time. Look towards Captain Stingel for the rest of tonights events. [AUDIO ENDS] Audio files remain accessable under authorisation from <RMBO-1201>


Further Key Events - Authorised by <RMBO-1201>

After Kruger's death, the rest of his squad, Lead and Snow were both offered and accepted to retire into a more civilised line of work, ending the reign of the 3rd generation of Windu's Fist. Further along, Captain Stingel quickly rose to be Rambo's successor being promoted to Battalion Commander to fill in the open position. Not long after this promotion, Rambo and General Windu inducted the new Battallion Commander as a Windu's Fist trooper and began the 4th generation of Windu's Fist. 



# ... Clearing transferred data disc ... #


# ... scrubbing transmission history ... #


# ... Data Cleaned ... #


# … Protocol <KRGR-2314> Wipes Evidence of Access … #


# … All Official Records of Data File Hidden Under <KRGR-2314> … #


# ... Evidence of Operation: Falling Star sucessfully hidden from Republic Databases ... #


# ... Terminal Shutoff ... #


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