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Kruger (Smooth)

Mission Briefing: Operation Falling Star

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Terminal Login:


# ... Entering Kaminoan numerical identifier ... #


Fleet Admiral ‘01/1201’


# ... Identifier accepted ... #


# ... Enter alias ... #


"Admiral Rambo - Taskforce Gateway"


# ... Alias accepted ... #


# ... Input clearance code and secret ... #


# ... Terminal Accessed ... #


# … {REDACTED} access required … #


# ... Access granted to “Falling Star” database ... #


# … Terminal Processes Hidden as per code <KRGR-2314> … #




[Records Beginning]


Codename ‘Falling Star’ beginning record


F.S: I have been instructed to record our activities surrounding this deep cover operation sir. I’m glad you’ve received my data codes despite the increasing security in the Republic’s databases. This file has been locked under my code and my technicians have ensured no evidence to this file can be tracked. This is for our eyes alone, Brother. 

[Records Finished]




[Transmission Begins]


High General Windu contacting  WF-03/2314 & Field Commander CC-1201 via Windu's Fist encrypted link.


Windu: Field Commander Rambo, Battalion Commander Kruger, I must converse with you both. Report to my chambers in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. When you arrive tell the guards my personal code; {REDACTED}, and they will escort you. Make haste gentlemen.


*CC-1201 & WF-03/2314 report to General Windu’s Jedi chambers on Coruscant.*


Windu: At ease gentlemen. Remove your helmets I need to talk to you eye to eye. 


CC-1201: Eye sir. Remove your helmet, Colonel. 


WF-03/2314: Copy. 


*Both troopers remove their helmets and sit them on the desk to the side of the room. *


Windu: Make yourself at home gentlemen. We have much to discuss. 


*CC-1201 finds himself a seat whilst WF-03/2314 sets down his customary experimental armour plates, hidden melee tools and the top portion of his specialised WF BARC armour.* 


CC-1201: Alright Mace. You’ve called us all this way and I’ve never heard such urgency in your voice for a clone matter. What’s going on? 


Windu: I have an operation for you both. The council senses a dark presence within the republic. We believe someone looks to thwart our efforts in the war. Through long meditations myself and Master Yoda continue to emerge with the same, distinct ideaologies. A dark presence sorrounds the senate and Republic command. Someone wishes to tair us down from the inside. 


WF-03/2314: So you need the WF to expose this threat before it has a chance to pounce on us. 


Windu: It won’t be that easy. We believe this infiltrator has access to our clone database and despite their elitism, WF still operates under Republic authorisation. If we are going to do this, we need to fully reconstruct your team without the Republic’s knowledge, Kruger


WF-03/2314: And how do you propose we do that? 


Windu: Well to begin… there is no “we”. I need Rambo to continue his efforts with the 187th and if all members of WF mysteriously go missing, keen eyes will catch on. No, this mission will be entirely yours. Secondly, we need to know you have no ties left with the clone forces. As a WF trooper you already don’t have any obligations to anyone but your squad, but even those ties must be severed. Kruger, you need to be recorded diseased in order for this operation to go smoothly. You need to fully reimage yourself as my own personal covert operator outside without the anchoring to the Republic military forces. 




*CC-1201 “Rambo” transmission to WF-03/2314 “Kruger”


CC-1201: Alright. You know the drill for this mission brother. You must stage your death to ensure all ties to your current life are severed with only transmissions to myself and Windu remain. Unfortunately despite your connection with the other troopers, especially your fellow Windu’s Fist, they too will need to be cut off. No one can know of our transgressions if this mission is to be successful. Today during the battle, you’ll find yourself taking out a Muni from onboard like your team does in classic tradition. You will instruct your WF soldiers to leave via jet pack whilst you place final charges. You will then proceed to stay aboard the Muni stationed in the maintenance shafts. You will dump your armour and through the commotion, General Windu will pull you from the sands of the crash and aid your escape. You will be in all cases, presumed dead. You are forbidden from using anything that can tie you back to the Republic including your comms array. The General will outfit you with everything you need for your deep cover operation. Do us proud Kruger, we must find this threat.


Deployment begins in 1700 Hours


[Transmission Beginning]

Admiral Rambo contacting Codename: Falling Star via Hololink




Admiral Rambo: Your efforts have been more than helpful, brother. I believe it is tim- - - -and we need- - - -ruger to retu- - - -askforce Gateway. I await yo- - - -rival.







[Transmission Ending]




# ... Clearing transferred data disc ... #


# ... scrubbing transmission history ... #


# ... Data Cleaned ... #


# … Protocol <KRGR-2314> Wipes Evidence of Access … #


# … All Official Records of Data File Hidden Under <KRGR-2314> … #


# ... Evidence of Operation: Falling Star sucessfully hidden from Republic Databases ... #


# ... Terminal Shutoff ... #


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