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Community Awards 2020: Winners

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Jokes aside, great work to all who were nominated and for our amazing winners. Great to see so much dedication to the server and from the community to make these things happen. Big round of applause to Spirit and his team for the hard work they spent to count each vote and setup the nominees and what not. Look forward to congratulating you each in game in the next few days. Great work all. 


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 Bruh wHaT?


Idris Elba Choking On Spicy Chicken Wings Has Become A Pretty Cheeky Meme


For real though, thank you to all those who nominated and voted for me, I truly appreciate all the support and this community has definitely made this year a whole lot better, thanks for all being such great friends and legends. ❤️ 

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12 hours ago, Spirit said:

1st Place: Andy is still crashing the server: @Andy (79 votes)


But for real, I appreciate everyone in this Community.
I'm proud to be notice as Best Event Master and Best Builder in 2020. I'm proud to be apart of amazing community. Thank you, thank you for allowing me to run events. Thank you for playing my events, thank you for playing my Campagins. 
I wanted to thanks @Noc, althought some of you may not know. Noc was my buddy when I started out as EM. Without him, I would have lost my ways and gave up so early. I want to thanks @Sloth and @Maxonok for being with me in EM team for the longest of time. Although I never got to say this, but thank you @Sloth for being a great friend, even though we have our roughest time, but you were great friend amongst the EM Team. I want to thanks @Buck :) for not only making the Trailer videos but also being outstanding Event Master. I'd hope you win 2021 Best EM, Buck, I really do. You're a good friend, and I'd hope you make a great impact as HEM. I'm with you.
Thank to the EM Team, and the hard work they pull of every week. Always appreciate what the EM does for you guys, never forget that.


Thank you all.

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Commander of the Year: @Pluto: (70 votes)

Imagine being one of the best Commanders for a good part of 6-7 months and getting snubbed like this @Fluxy.

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On 11/6/2020 at 2:05 PM, Sloth said:

Imagine being one of the best Commanders for a good part of 6-7 months and getting snubbed like this @Fluxy.

That's what I get for having a regi in the first half of the year


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