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Community Awards 2020: Winners

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Hey everyone,

Today the Community Awards of 2020 have officially concluded, and the winners have been decided. The participation this year has been incredible, and we'd like to thank everyone for joining in to support their friends! Thanks to everyone who has helped celebrate the community and the players within it. And now, without further ado, the winners...


General Category

  • Player of the Year: @LongInchOfLove (73 votes)
  • Best Artist/Content Creator:
  1. 1st Place: @Buck :) / @Aussi: (81 votes)
  2. 2nd Place: @Budds: (24 votes)
  • Best Meme:
  1. 1st Place: Andy is still crashing the server: @Andy (79 votes)
  2. 2nd Place: Darkai's Nearly Abs: @Shush: (43 votes)
  3. 3rd Place: ARC has fundamental flaws: Smiddy: (34 votes)
  • Best Newcomer: @LongInchOfLove: (88 votes)
  • Most Memorable Player: @Jazza: (60 votes)
  • Best Username: CadetSpaceISIS (99 votes) As this user has not joined our particular Jihad permanently, @Choog will be awarded this category: (73 votes)
  • Most Skilled Player: @Tops: (66 votes)
  • Most Improved/Redeemed Player: @Jazza (78 votes)
  • Best Builder: @Andy: (95 votes)

Roleplay Category

  • Commander of the Year: @Pluto: (70 votes)
  • Regiment of the Year: 187th Legion: (87 votes)
  • Best Roleplayer: @Linguine as Admiral Tarkin: (72 votes)
  • Best Duelist: @Buck :): (68 votes)

Staff and Event Category 

  • Most Active Staff: @Pab: (67 votes)
  • Most Helpful Staff: @Pluto / @Spirit: (66 votes)
  • Best Staff Newcomer: @Siff: (64 votes)
  • Best Developer: @Rhinous: (135 votes)
  • Best Event Master: @Andy: (80 votes)
  • Best Campaign 2020: The Revenge of the Beast: (106 votes)
  • Most Friendly Staff Member: @Pluto: (83 votes)



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