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Gax Kel'Tsaar Jedi Bio - 30/10/2020

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(Yes I know its a lore character photo, you try finding a photo of a Dathomir Zabrak that isn't a Sith)

Full Name: Gax Kel'Tsaar

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Gax

Previous Occupation: Youngling, Tribe Child

Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Zabraki and parts of the Dathomiri Sub Language 

Hobbies: Soap Carving, Competition, Dueling and Combat.

Alignment: Jedi Order.


Mental State: STABLE

Mental Disabilities: N/A

Likes: Soap Carving, Practicing Tribal Combat. Dueling and Combat

Dislikes: Liars, Cowards and the Sith.

Personality: Warrior.
Gax will seek people to speak with, He loves conversation and often speaks to his peers about Honor and glory in combat and death.


Physical State: Above Average Strength, Super Cardio due to the Zabrak's two hearts.

Age: 21

Weight: 90Kg

Build: Humanoid 

Appearance: Typical of a Zabrak, Gax has a crown of horns on his head, short in length due to his age. a deep grey/black complexion with traditional Zabrak Yellow Tattoos. 


Rank: Padawan

Master (current or previous): Obi-Wan Kenobi

Lightsaber details: Thick and symmetrical wooden cylinder, with Iron binding rings rapped around it, a copper colored metal protruding then end with a guard. the saber color reflection Gax's pathway; Guardian. 


Combat style: Form I: Shii-Cho, III: Soresu. And Devout Follow of Jar'Kai, From V and Saber Staff Froms.


Gax’s Warrior/Savage nature is not often brought to question, his young life on Dathomir often is. He shows small cracks in his calm Steely exterior to see within a man desperate for reason and direction. 


Gax was born on Dathomir destined to be a tribal warrior and servant of the dark. He never heard or seen of his Night-Sister mother and his father a long-dead Dathomiri Warrior. attempting to seek peace and a connection with others even at a young age.was impossible for a Zabrak born on Dathomir. Not all was hopeless for him however for he’d come used to reaching out in these times of quiet and finding a connection with something, …The Force.


Gax's father was a legend among his tribe, he had a Rancor Kill count of 14 the highest in the current Era. Living up to such a legend like that was impossible that was the runt of the litter and an outcast from his tribe. After his father was a sacrifice in a Voodoo Night-Sister Ritual, Gax was left to fend for himself at the age of 5. Gax Trained himself with the traditional Zabrak Quarter-Staff and became Skilled in it. enough to defend himself from his fellow Dathomiri. 


Gax spotted a figure in robes sprinting toward him and he readied his staff to strike the figure. The figure had just about reached Gax's readied stance, and a sharp crack zipped through the air just scraping his cheek.  He had just been shot at. The robed figure had picked up Gax and hurried away with him making massive jumps unnatural for any humanoid. all Gax could do was squirm but his instincts and an outside force warmed him and encouraged him to trust the figure.


After a While the figure landed in an alcove probably old Rancor nest, Gax stood up in front of the Robed man. the figure took his hood off and a face of bandages and goggles peered at him, "My name is A'Sharad Hett..."



A'Sharad Hett - Liked. Hett rescued Gax from Dathomir pretty much saving him from a life of hell and darkness. 

Obi-Wan - Best Friend. Obi-Wan was willing to take in a troubled child and teach him the ways of the force under his wing.
Azazel - Friend. Azazel is a fellow Zabrak and a excellent Jedi knight, Azazel has taught Gax many things. 

Knoot Ucell - Dislike. Knoot regularly beats him in training with form I to Gax's disgust. 


@Maxonok @Truce's Rj @Azazel Thorin/Ozzy @Knotts




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The 2 above Images are stuck there, cant edit them for what ever reason. 

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Good Bio, actually interesting to read, which makes it refreshing in comparison to the basic bitch bios we usually get. The lore content is pretty much spot on, though the one point for improvement is your grammer.

Would also recommend including a section regarding your life as a youngling, though all in all, its a great bio 🙂


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23 hours ago, Baj said:

Knoot regularly beats him in training with form I to Gax's disgust. 

Through practice i gain understanding, Through understanding i gain knowledge, Through Knowledge i gain victory, 

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