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Ban Appeal

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Your In-game Name:  It's been 2 years. I don't remember 

Your Steam Profile Link:  https://steamcommunity.com/id/Despookio/

Your Steam ID (Find it here  STEAM_1:0:64239070


Who banned you? RC Trainee 8432

Length of the ban? perm

Reason of the ban? Racism/RDM

Why should we unban you?

I'm appealing, not necessarily to be able to come back and play on the server, but more to reconcile with the people I have potentially offended through my actions. I was in a rough place at the time and being a little shithead online was my only real outlet. Since then, i've matured a lot, and i feel this is the right moves. I deeply apologize  for  my actions, and I am hoping you will forgive me, I don't have really much else to say, so yeah.  Love you <3


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This ban appeal seems genuine and if the ban was from 2018 you've had more than enough time to earn a second chance.


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PM me if you have any issues connecting to the server.

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