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Andy Senior Event Master Report

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Gateway Gaming Clone Wars RP | Staff Report Template


Use the template below or your report will be void.


Your In-game Name: 917th Noise

Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/PigOrganSoup/


Who are you reporting?

I am Reporting Andy Senior Event Master

Why are you reporting them?

I am Reporting on the main server the Senior EM known as Andy ran a event on a known unstable map being Vyten* in the 6:30 main event that took 10 min setup or so. The event ran for less then 10 mins and it crashed (from miss use of addons and over abundance of props on said map) and he gave out placement and called it quits.

this sort of activity is unacceptable and not becoming of a EM and i will be out personally to see that happen in the community that i want to see grow
its insulting and drives players away fast

i want to make that clear not a threat but a statement sorry if this is too blunt for some but i like to be direct in this game when it comes to drama.
free for calm debate if needed

Evidence (If possible):unknown.png?width=400&height=225 unknown.png?width=400&height=225


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You want the most active EM removed? He was running your 6:30 last minute doing the best he could, not to mention this map isn't a "known unstable map", I have played it many times and have not run into stability issues before. Maybe you would know that if you were a better known member of the server.


 "Tell him hes dreamin."

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The staff reports section of the forums is more for abuse of powers or if the staff member has actually done something that is against the rules, Andy hasn't actually broken the rules of the server or done anything wrong as a member of the EM team.

I can understand that you might be frustrated that there wasn't really an event but you should probably talk to and or another event master about running something more for the players instead of going straight to a staff report.

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So your thought is:

"Lets remove a very well known Senior Event Master because he used a common map but it crashed out of nowhere"

Do you even read what youre saying, this is not staff abuse, its not even andy's fault he crashed the server. How about having some more thought into making these kinds of reports before posting them. Event Masters arent exactly expert level designers that know the inner workings of Garrys Mod. We're people and we make mistakes. Just like your mistake of putting this Staff Report in the resolved section in the forums :~)

Edit: mans moved his post to correct his mistake of putting this report in the wrong part of the forums

Edited by Buck :)
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Given Andy's history as a Good EM I feel he is allowed to make mistakes as others have stated here, It's a shame you felt the need to report him for this fact but It's not the place for myself or anyone else in this thread to criticise your right to do so.

I'm sure you can voice your criticism to Andy himself and maybe he can benefit from it rather then taking this course of action. I know if EMs were to be condemned for not always being on the ball with every event they've ever produced, there would be no such thing as an event team.


Keep in mind everyone this is supposed to be what the player believes is misconduct in the staff team and while it is healthy to debate about it, no need to sperg on the man, but that goes both ways I suppose.

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The server has crashed so much during events recently so i can't blame Andy or any of the other EM's that have been doing the same thing lately, There's no way a veteran EM such as Andy should lose his rank because of it. I recommend removing this post to be honest with you.

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@Buck :) and @Aussi have summed it up.
The server has been having some stability issues and as far as I can see it wasn't Andy's fault. Vyten isn't an unstable map and Andy was spawning droids at the time of the crash. If you've got some significant evidence that Andy crashed the server, feel free to share it. At this stage Andy won't be receiving a punishment. I'll leave the thread open for another hour or so.

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