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Thank God he's actually gone from gateway, talking about that mingy Twitch dude that hopped from being core GM to Medics to CO of Keller's/Vanguard and through to the Dark Ages of my career
I'll keep this short because I'm cool like that:

Shoutout to all the lads that were under Fluxy's era of GM

@Fluxy for being an absolute Dad to GM and just being a madlad

@Flea for taking most of my tickets 😉 ily

@Seeker for the good memes and good laughs

@Aphasic +2

@Pepsi Hi Dad, Thank you for not going to the dairy when I was still a baby in Gateway

@Jacara o7 Good man, hope you're doing well

@Pab, @Pyro Big minge but good memes

@Xao_Acroheart o7 Good to see Horn Company's doing well from what I can tell

@Tyto for my Player of the Year, sad to see 327th go but you were one of my favourite members o7.

Twitch may or may not make a return to Gateway, 

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Posted (edited)


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You're an absolute legend, now you can come and join the retired boomers.


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Posted (edited)

The Traitor Vanguard CO is finally dead,

see ya around mate and have good one!


medic propaganda #2.png

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Goodbye mr Twitch, I hope you have a good time mate and we see you again some day 🙂

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